Subject: WAIT. Before you do anything today...


Hi Friend,

Quick update, it's 6am here as I write this to you, Im off
out today to the Midland Game Fair (The UK's Largest Game & Country Show)

Anyway, the reason I'm writing to you is that I just
checked to see if there is any availability with Predator & as
I write this there IS!

So Hurry & get this today (if you still can)

If your new on my list or missed my email then read on below...


Hi Friend,


I’ve just checked the replay link...

… & it’s still LIVE.

Either there’s been an error, or it’s
your lucky day.

I’ll take the latter.

Watch the $1.2 million event here. (REPLAY)

It’s going to be removed soon.

(it could even be gone now)

So this is your FINAL chance.

Without doubt.

You shouldn’t miss this.

Your last chance to watch.



There’s only a few copies of Predator
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Now I’ve been good to you.

I’ve given you the option to pay in
two installments.

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And I’ve also given you enough
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That was SUPER exclusive.

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I wanted to give you something extra.

You ready?

For anyone that takes this AMAZING

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I’ll send an exclusive BONUS.

Something I’ve created just for the
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Last chance.

Simon Stepsys.

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