Subject: Update From Last Night...


Hi Friend,

Quick updated from yesterdays My-Advertising-Pays Hotel
Presentation in Manchester...

The first MAP UK live meeting took place in Manchester
yesterday hosted by Simon Stepsys and Imy Aslam and
was a great success.

We had over 70 people from the UK and 60 people online
viewing live from India 3 times what we expected.

Everyone was blown away & extremely excited at
the presentation, and felt confident that it was a
revolutionary program that not only would
reward them handsomely but will stand the test of time.

Q & A's were surprisingly positive in spite of peoples bad
experience's with other programs in 2013, they believe
that MAP is the one, very simple and a very clever program
that will reward all its members even the little guy!

We were asked if we would run another presentation next
week as people wanted to bring their friends along to
listen to this amazing business opportunity.

A larger venue is being organised, be sure to watch your email
like a hawk watch for exciting updates.

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