Quick update regarding the new ICO (Initial Coin Offering) launch of HomeBlockChain. 

The coin has been selling out each day upon the release of the specified coins on that day & 
many members including myself have been unable to buy them, which is a good thing for the 
coin, but not for us the buyer, as this drives the price up. 

Having said that, I will be more than happy to buy the coin at $5, $10 or even more as I see this 
coin going up to $100+ & even $200+ in time. 

So lets say you bought this coin at $10 and it went up to $100, you just made TEN times your money!

And thats only ONE way you can make money! 

At the end of the month when the lending of the coin is launched, this is when the really BIG money
will be made! (I can't wait!) 

Now, the double good news is that we can still get a new chance each day to buy the coin! 

So please keep trying, there is FORTUNES to be made on these ICO's!

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Brand New ICO launch!


I just got off the phone (2.5 Hour Call) with The Chief Visionary Office Of Europe for
HomeBlockCoin and was blown away!

Timing is of the essence!

Sign up here...

Similar to Bitconnect only better! Which saw there ico go from less than $1 to over $275
in one year! (Creating many millionaires mostly in Asia in the process!)

Already over 10,000+ members pre registered in first 3 Days! almost GUARANTEES this
will sell out lightning fast!

The ICO starts TODAY Nov 4th, 9pm GMT 2017

It's going to be nuts, already over 10K affiliates will want to get the tokens at Just $1
(I can see this coin being around $15/$20 when it hits the exchange in dec and there is
no reason why this can't go on to hit $200+ per coin within 6 to 12 months).

Its going to be sold out in couple days.

Exactly like bitconnect! Except this time you can be in at the very START!!!!!!!

I’ll give you an example, those that bought just $1,000 of bitconnect coins at $1
already already made $275,000 in one year TOTAL PASSIVE!
(Bitconnect coins trades at $280 as today)

Those that bought 10,000 have made $2.75 Million.

Anyway the potential here is even better!

HBC opened the wallets to fund the account with bitcoin (I already did) but cant
buy the tokens until November 4th November 9pm GMT.

They are keeping people updated in there telegram group here...

I've only just joined TODAY and just started to refer people like crazy
since and getting them ready for the token buy.

You don't want to miss out on this one Champ!!!!!!!

Sign up here...

Once your signed up, fund your account and get ready for the launch of the coin.
Starts 4th October at 9pm GMT.

Personally I can see this easily going to over $200+ a coin even faster than bitconnect!

You do the maths!

Look at the potential Even a small $1,000 investment can make you $200,000

$10,000 can make upwards of $2+ MILLION

$100K can make you over $20 MILLION!

Remember this is all PASSIVE INCOME!


For those on a very low budget then no worries even $100 can make you $20K
and don't forget you can then Compound your profits DAILY!

Not too mention that once the lending starts you will earn even more from
the auto trading bot which returns approximately 1% PER DAY!

This will be INSANE!

You do the maths!

This is by far one of the most exciting opportunities of this year and the potential
and most important TIMING is nothing short of SENSATIONAL!

Don't put it off sign up here now:

I'm creating a HomeBlockCoin Millionaires Team Facebook group as I write this!

Your friend & Mentor


Just One example is say you start with a modest $1,000

That’s 1,000 coins you’ll own.

Let’s say they hit $15 per coin by December.

You just made $15,000 that you can then lend with the lending program!

$15,000 lending earning approx 1% per day is $150 PER DAY! for 120 days!


For those who think big (like me) then it shouldn’t be a problem owning/growing to 10,000 coins.

When the value hits just $100 per coin you just made a cool $1 MILLION DOLLARS!
(This is how many of the bitconnect members became millionaires, mainly in Asia)

If & when the price hits $275 the same as bitconnect did today, then
you just made a cool $2.75 MILLION IN ONE YEAR!

If that’s not life changing then I don’t know what is!

Take Action join here:

Optional Referral Program Pays 7 Levels
1. 8%
2. 3%
3. 2%
4. 1%
5. 1%
6. 1%
7. 1%

Here is the White paper with all the info on:

Big leaders from Germany & Russia Just joined and already started building!

Don't put it off sign up here now:

This gets my TOP recommendation!

Take action now. 

Be the Best!

Keep being awesome!

Your Friend & Mentor!


Join our HomeBlockCoin Millionaires Team Facebook group for daily updates here: 


Disclaimer: There is risk involved in trading, mining, lending and investing in crypto currency.
I do not give financial advise. Only risk what you can afford to lose.

But also remember, High Risk brings High Rewards! (Maybe that's why I drive a Rolls Royce) :-)