Subject: URGENT!


OK Champion!

I know it's short notice but I want to invite you to meet me in LONDON
this THURSDAY 9th February 2017, anytime from 1pm till 9pm.



W Hotel London - Leicester Square

Leicester Square, 10 Wardour Street,

London, England, W1D 6QF, United Kingdom

Time: I will be at the hotel lounge from 1pm to 9pm

I look forward to meeting you.


My personal number to text/call me on if you want to meet up for a
coffee 07971 88 55 60.

Here are all all the details...

I'm in Central London TOMORROW, this Thursday 9th February 2017
from 1pm to 9pm all day meeting with industry leaders who have collectively
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We will be discussing affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, online business
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I have arranged industry leaders who are especially flying in from Germany, Austria, Ireland.

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Want to meet us for an informal coffee?

Want to make an extra $500+ a day from home?

Great, just turn up and text me on 07971 88 55 60.

I look forward to meeting you!

Have a a fab day



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