Subject: The most important email I’ve ever sent you…


Hi Friend,

Listen… Hold it…

Whatever you’re planning to do right
now needs to wait for 30 seconds.

This is IMPORTANT... Probably the best
news I’ll send you all year…

Watch this quick. (See what all the fuss about).

And I mean quick… Seats are going FAST.

See, this guy is making $100,000 a month…

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… And he’s showing you EXACTLY
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Live on camera (not a webinar)…


This event was originally JUST for his list…
But I’ve managed to grab a few seats.

- >I’ve got you a seat on the live event.

(Be QUICK – This is brand new and I’ve
only been allocated a few seats).

I’ve got you an invite to the most exclusive
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The demand for this has been mind blowing,
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This is the only LIVE event where:

A real life super affiliate is going to demonstrate
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Using software he’s personally developed.

Step by step, he will walk you through exactly
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him after it finishes.


I’m so excited for this.

Watch the video and grab your seat NOW.

It’s called Predator.

And after 2 years of development, over $100,000
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And you’ve got the chance to see EXACTLY
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*With only 1 hour of work a day supposedly?*


Software that generates huge income with
minimal work required from the user...

It’s a game changer.

Or even an industry ENDER.

Calling George.

This isn’t a live event run by any newbie online
marketer either who’s claiming to have “cracked it”

It’s going to be run by George Brown, a super
affiliate who is one of the most well known and
respected online marketers.

He’s generated over $5 million online in the
past 2 years...

And he’s ABANDONING his 7 figure online
business for this.

This is serious.

But seats are limited (the time you’re reading this
they could in fact all be taken...)

Get your seat quick.

See you there.

Simon Stepsys.