Subject: The Einstein of payplans



Quick update on yesterday's meeting in London which all went phenomenally well!

Tons of people came down to see us and everyone was incredibly excited to here what we are creating! There was an incredible buzz and excitement all day! After coffees in the day, we headed to trendy LONDON bar on Leicester Square for a few well earned beers, then we had private meeting with the GMA marketing manager, my sponsor, and a team of about 8 of them. We got all our questions answered.

The guys at GMA are incredibly down to earth, and very very excited to be working with us. I can assure you all these guys are super highly talented and experienced at what they do. (The BEST IVE EVER WORKED WITH) It's all about the feeling and We all feel very excited and confident working along side such talented people.

The future is very very bright for us all! Make a commitment now to stretch yourself, buy more tokens, Take MASSIVE daily action, encourage and help all your teams and always remain positive. Ignore and delete the negatives. Delete the fear and doubt that will always hold you back in life!

Think positive, surround yourself with the winners in life and you'll be a winner! We have some HUGE worldwide leaders that have joined us in GMA now multiple number one top earners in many programs are onboard with us!

I have never ever seen such a simple and powerful business that anyone can do! This pay plan is so lucrative guys! I'm caLLING it the EINSTEIN OF PAY PLANS! Have a fab day! TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!

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Have a fabulous day.

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