Subject: Quick Video Made at The Beach :-)


We had an awesome time at the Beach all day yesterday,
my friends on facebook thought I was crazy to take
my £92,000 Porsche 911 on the beech in case it sunk...

Here's a crazy Video I made with us on the Beach (Porthmadog North Wales)

>>> <<<

The beach was deserted apart from about a dozen or so people, reason
being is that most people are stuck in the rat race slaving away at there day job,
making there bosses rich.

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Hi Friend,

I've just decided to head off to the beach again today. (we went on Friday too)

That's the beauty of having your own automated income streams
coming in, you can wake up when you want & decide how you want to
live your days. (and the money still pours in)

So today I'm just heading off to the beach (Porthmadog North Wales)

Anyway, just in case your new on my list...

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