Subject: Only 2 Days Left Champ!


Hi Friend, 

Only 2 Days Left Champ!  



Fantastic start to 2018 with the announcement of this big and upcoming ICO! 

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Digitex ICO update...

Thanks again for your interest in our upcoming DGTX token sale on January 15th. 

We've been blown away by the response - in the last 2 days over 220,000 people 

have visited our website and our email list grew from 4,000 people to 88,000 people!

 If you have sent an email and not yet received a response please be patient 

while we try to get through the thousands of enquiries we are receiving.

Why would you want to buy DGTX tokens in our upcoming ICO on January 15th? 

Why should the price of DGTX go up in 2018?

Because Bitcoin futures trading is going to explode in the coming year. 

ETrade, Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers etc are just now starting to market the CME's 

new Bitcoin futures contract to their tens of millions of customers. 

Millions of active traders from the "other side" will soon discover the 

crack cocaine of trading on volatile markets with new rules that never sleep. 

They will bring with them hundreds of billions of dollars of new money in 2018.

Digitex's commission-free Bitcoin futures exchange, which launches mid 2018, 

will be an attractive alternative to these traders who will tire of the high transaction 

fees on CME that make short term trading virtually impossible.

As the native currency of the Digitex Futures Exchange, in which all account balances, 

profits and losses are denominated, the DGTX token will be in high demand from traders 

who must own DGTX to participate.

Buying DGTX tokens now for only $0.01 with the aim of unloading them to 

traders in 6 months time is the perfect play to capitalize on the explosion of interest 

in Bitcoin futures trading that will occur in 2018. 

And at such a low starting price, there's big upside potential even if the coin only 

reaches $0.10 when the exchange launches.

The DGTX token sale starts at 9am EST on January 15th.

Read on below on how to join...



Fantastic start to 2018 with the announcement of this big and upcoming ICO! 

Don’t miss this one! Sign up here for 1000 Free bonus tokens!


If you've been following the crypto scene over the last year or so you'll know 

that there have been a large amount of ICO's (initial coin offerings) and token sales, 

reminiscent of the dot com boom in the early nineties.

I've now getting involved in many of them!

Im also very happy enough with my holdings in BitCoin, Ethereum and a handful of others. 

In September last year I was alerted to an ICO called Electroneum which is one I 

did NOT get on board with!

My Loss! It was $0.01 a coin at the ICO when it launched and it’s trading now at $0.17!. 

Thats 17 times your money doing nothing but buying in on an ICO! 

Thats what you call EASY MONEY! 

Ordinary people are raking it in and getting RICH on these HOT ICO’s! 

Think about it. If you are buying a coin a $0.01 it only has to go to $0.02 for you 

to double your money. 

A friend of mine bought $1000 worth of Cardano for $0.029 a coin about four or five weeks ago. 

He mentioned it to me but I never got around to looking into it. It's now over a dollar. 

He's made over $34,000 profit in just over a month. This is the potential of ICO's and token 

sales if you get it right.

For me, for an ICO to be something worth looking at, I've got to believe it'll be a 

really useful thing in its own right. Are people going to buy this because they actually 

want to use the technology, or are they just traders looking for a quick buck?

And this brings me onto Digitex.

I really like what they're doing here. Developed by the team that created BetTrader, 

the ladder interface most Betfair traders now use, Digitex is a decentralised, commission 

free BitCoin futures exchange that uses smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to 

hold traders funds.

What this means is BitCoin traders can now trade totally commission free and don't 

have to worry about the exchange getting hacked because the exchange doesn't hold 

the funds. It's a complete win/win.

Here's a 2 minute video explaining it: 

Here’s an exclusive Audio Interview with Adam Todd - the founder & CEO of Digitex - 

Not interested in trading? Doesn't matter, In a few days time we can purchase Digitex 

tokens, as we did with Electroneum, and when the exchange launches and the tokens 

become tradable, 

I'm extremely confident they'll be worth an awful lot more than what we buy them for. 

These will be sold for $0.01 so they only have to go to $0.02 for us to double our money. 

(I think they will go way past this!) 

And that's not all...

You can get 1000 tokens for FREE right now simply by registering here:

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Dont miss the boat on this exciting ICO champion! 

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Once your in, be sure to join the telegram group for all the latest info. 

Keep being awesome!

Be the best!

Your Friend & Mentor 


P.S. The DGTX token sale starts on January 15th and the excitement is building! 

To give you an idea, we've got over 3,000 people PER HOUR signing up for more info 

on our website :) Here's how to buy DGTX tokens: 

Buy the cryptocurrency called Ethereum (ETH) from an exchange like or

Create an Ethereum wallet at and send your ETH from 

Coinbase or Kraken to your new wallet.

On January 15th, send ETH from your MyEtherWallet to the DGTX Token Sale 

address that we will publish on our website.

When the DGTX Token Sale smart contract receives your ETH payment it will 

automatically calculate how many DGTX tokens you should receive (at $0.01 per DGTX token) 

and it will send that many DGTX tokens to your MyEtherWallet.