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HOW I LOST OVER 3 STONE IN 3 MONTHS (& look 10+ years younger) WHILE STILL EATING CHOCOLATE 🍫 EVERYDAY! (also drinking beer 🍺 and 🍷!)

Left Image: Age 51, January 2018, eating terrible food choices.

Right Image: Age 51, April 2019, fueling my body with the best nutrition foods around. (and the right quantity) 

I even had some comments saying I now look 28! (I’m 51)

Guess what? I am the SAME person in both of these photos (just 3 months timeframe)

I once heard that our body is like an race car. You don't put just any old type of gasoline in it. You give it will help it run most efficiently so that it can perform to its biggest potential.

When we feed ourselves garbage, we will feel/look like it too. Inflammation, brain fog, exhaustion are all big signs we are using fuel that doesn't support our engine.

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