Subject: Malaysia!


If your truly serious about earning an extra $500+ a day then please 

be sure to complete the tour here... 



If your truly serious about earning an extra $500+ a day then please 

be sure to complete the tour here...

CWE now trading over $700 MILLION for the members! (only 17,000 members!)   


Just got back from the CWE Malaysia Event, which was nothing short of PHENOMENAL!

It was only 2 weeks ago when I was in Thailand and it was suggested that the 

CWE Team Malaysia organise an event. 

Well they absolutely put on an OUTSTANDING event with over 600+ 

people in attendance!

We had bankers fly in from Hong Kong, (access to BILLIONS of dollars of investors funds) 

We had Chinese Malaysian Leaders who will be bringing in 100,000 members 

within the next few months! 

We had teams from India 

Teams from Indonesia

And many other countries, to many to list!

People from all walks of life. 

And they are all extremely excited about what they witnessed! 

We now tour Europe with the CEO Mr Tomaz Perez 

starting in Germany, then Poland, UK and Russia!

Then USA in May. 

Panama in June. 

China July 1st (Macau) 


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Why, How? 

Because its the Future of Money and the future is here NOW! 

Why I will stay loyal to the CWE product for the rest of my life… 

How often in life are you so overwhelmingly, completely committed 

to one thing that the thought of being enticed by something else is 

just unthinkable? In a world where we are often overwhelmed by choice, 

my guess is that you’re answer is ‘not often’, if at all. 

I can think of perhaps a couple of examples. When you fall in love and 

you just know you’ll never throw it away, and when you support a football team, 

it’s likely you’ll remain loyal to that one team, through thick and thin, until your dying day. 

Well guess what? Having been introduced to the CWE opportunity 

just over 8 weeks ago, I know I have found THE goldmine, THE opportunity 

that I am prepared to commit to for the remainder of my life. 

Having been in the online Internet marketing industry for over 20 years, 

I’m constantly being presented with and invited to join other affiliate/network 

marketing businesses, however it’s CWE all the way for me from now on. 

The opportunity I refer to is of course, the CWE PRODUCT.

And by that I mean the AUTO CRYPTO TRADING PRODUCT. 

Because by purchasing & letting the product work for you 24/7, 

you can literally turbo charge your BITCOIN!. It’s like turning on a tap.

Let me explain how this worked for me…

Within just one month, My bots made 338 trades on 

total auto pilot, 77 open & 261 closed PROFITABLE!.  

In addition to this I shared the AMAZING PRODUCT with 

others and we produced sales of over $692,000!

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Come and be part of something big, with which no one can compete.

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Watch the Live Video Demo and be prepared to be blown away 

how amazing this product & company is! 

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CryptoWorldEvolution (CWE) FIRST LONDON UK Hotel 

Business Opportunity Presentation and Training.

Special Guest CWE CEO Mr Tomaz Perez! 

Lets make a BIG effort for the CEO! 

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I am just back from the CWE Thailand Event! 

It was nothing short of SENSATIONAL! 

With big groups from China and Korea. 

There were only a few people from the UK and Europe and a 

few from the US and Canada, only 2 from Australia. 

Please feel free to check out my Facebook timeline for all the latest 

news and information, photos/videos etc.

This is Very EARLY in CWE, and those that take Massive Action now 

will get MASSIVE rewards for LIFE!

It has been a fantastic week for CWE and we have lots of exciting 

news to share with you. 

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Moving on...

We held our first international event in Phuket, Thailand this past week 

and it was a tremendous success. 

We had CWE members attend from nearly 20 countries and we spoke about 

the new position and WIN WIN Auto Trading Bot. 

CWE continues to monitor the market conditions and how it affects 

our software performance. 

To that end, we have added this new position that will focus solely on the win-win bot.

Additionally, we are optimistic that Apple's development team will 

approved our app to be launch in the apple store . 

We will continue to push for approval and keep you all updated as to the progress.

Finally, we will give you all the details about our next international CWE event in Macau

in China which will be on July 1st! 

I will be in attendance and hope to see you there. 

Moving on...



April CWE CEO Mr Tomaz Perez comes to Europe

Anyone you know in any of these countries then INVITE and get them to these events!

The more people you have at these events = the larger and faster your income and wealth grows!

We except at least 300 at each event, maybe more.

Anyone at these events and with teams will make 


NO hype here guys, this company is going MASSIVE!

When you meet Tomaz, you’ll soon realise what a phenomenal guy he is!

Mark your calendars...

Germany Thursday 12th April

Poland Tuesday 17th April

UK (LONDON)  Thursday 20th April

Russia (Moscow) Thursday 27th April

The key to being successful & making millions of dollars in this business is events!

The more events you attend, the more your teams attend = the more and faster you’ll earn.



CryptoWorldEvolution (CWE) FIRST LONDON UK Hotel 

Business Opportunity Presentation and Training.

Special Guest CWE CEO Mr Tomaz Perez! 

Lets make a BIG effort for the CEO! 

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Whether your a total novice, beginner or experienced trader, this seminar will 

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This Event is in high demand & tickets are extremely limited & will sell out FAST, 

please be sure to order your tickets now ASAP here to guarantee your seat. 

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Special Guest CWE CEO Mr Tomaz Perez! 

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Mark your calendars!

And start to SELL these events!

Have a fabulous day Champions!!

See you at the next event!


For more information about CWE please be sure to 

complete your information on... 

Any questions call/text me on UK 07971 88 55 60

I'm always looking for leaders to work with. 

Have a fabulous day. 

Your friend and mentor. 

Simon Stepsys

UK 07971 88 55 60