Subject: Last night. Speechless… (read)


Hi Friend,

Last night...

Was pretty unbelievable :)

… After 2 years of waiting, I, and over
1,000 attendees witnessed LIVE:

The ‘Predator live stream’. And we got
to see behind the curtains exactly...

How a real life ‘secretive’ super affiliate
is making over $100k every month...

(Yes, that’s $1.2 MILLION a year).

In 1 hour a day. Seriously.

And he showed it ALL:

Proof, the whole system he uses,
where he gets his traffic...

All on camera, step by step.

Did you manage to get a seat?

Missed it? Well you’re in luck.

Watch a Re-Stream of the event now. (Quick)

Note: I’m told it may only be up for a FEW HOURS.

So watch it now. While you can.


… and you’ve got the opportunity to see why.

This replay link, it’s exclusive to YOU.

It will give you the chance to watch the whole
event... And yes, it’s on the house.

But it’s being removed at any moment.

This event was SUPER exclusive, and it’s
not going to be available for long.

-> Watch him make $1.2 million a year.


Now, since so many of you missed the stream.

OR simply underestimated how good it was
going to be..

(And then heard about it later :))


I did warn you would regret it. But anyway...

This replay link is a god send.

It’s only for you...

… and will disappear FOREVER in the
next few hours.

(And yes, I believe George has opened
18 more slots on the Predator beta
project too - Although they might be gone).

All 50 spots were gone on the event...

You could even be too late right now.

So don’t miss out Friend.

--- > Watch the event everyone’s talking about NOW.

Speak soon,
Simon Stepsys.

REMEMBER - This isn’t going to be
available to watch for long.

I won’t cost you a penny, it’s made history,
and it really is a must watch.

Prepare for your jaw to drop.

This is the ONLY live event like this
I've ever seen..

Watch the live $100k a month event now.

Or you *will* miss out, forever.