Subject: Hi Friend, Why Believe me?


Hi Friend,

Why Believe what I say?

Vitalia Petra Wrote...

"I have to say I am counting my blessing every day.
Meeting Simon is one of them. In October I had a chance
to go to Orlando, Florida for Empower Network Event.

Where I met many leaders, successful people and just
people like me who just entered the world of online

I've seen Simon in USA but never had chance to speak to him.
But lucky enough there was 2nd event in England, in London
this time and since then even more things changed in my life
in a good way.

We all know that Simon is the TOP earner in many different
online businesses. 98% of People who is trying to make money
online, they fall. NOT SIMON.

He is unique and his RESULTS are very unique too. He is retired,
having no BOSS and still makes 6 figure income!! WOW!!.

Many of us would love to be on his place.

Thankfully to Simon I discovered a new Program called MAP's.

I joined and didn't do anything for a month till I started seeing
his results, he was making $30.000+ per month with this program.

I couldn't believe my eyes.... There is some POWER out there,
Simon contacted me and shared me his vision and his success.

Now I understand that this guy has LIFETIME battery, he never gets tired,
he always full of energy and the most important is HIS POSITIVE ENERGY
he is giving away....

He is available 24/7 for you, always there and ready to help.

Since we had this very LONG chat on the phone, I have "breathed in"
his inspiration, his positive life-outlook and my results in last ONLY 22 days
with MAP totally made me believe in myself.

I earned $1,564.44 with MAP's in 3 weeks.

I have a strong charge of Positive energy inside me because
I am surrounded by the right people. I was attracting more
people into my life who wanted to join me.

I never ever before made any $ online and recruited other people
into other businesses.

But I have done and I made another $1,334.73 just as commissions
which was 100% BONUS and on the TOP of all this $1400 by promoting
other people products from Click bank with MAP's traffic exchange.

So it's in TOTAL about $4300 in 22 DAYS. WOW, WOW and WOW.

This is something I never would think ever happen to me and
I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to my Mentor SIMON.

I am motivated every day, because I wanted to make him proud and
be happy for me. Being a GOOD Leader is the one who will take you
all the way to the TOP and keeps you inspired even if you make only small steps.

You have to start from ZERO and TAKE ACTIONS like I did.

Simon is OUR STAR and he always will be shine, he was born to be successful,
guide other people and take them to the ROAD OF SUCCESS!!!"


There you have it guys, those words not mine & totally unsolicited.

I get these types of messages every day

"Your a Legend!"

"Thank you Thank you Thank you"

"You are a star"

"The Value & Training you provide is priceless"

I could go on & on...

Anyway if you want me to mentor you then follow my
lead, now...

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IN Short...

"It's Impossible NOT To Make Money"

Take action Friend,

I'm here to help you.

This is the future

Be the best

Keep being awesome

Simon Stepsys
Guru Slayer, Veteran Internet Marketer with over
17 years full time online experience. "7 Figure"
Earner, Success Coach, & Enlightened Entrepreneur

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