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Hi Friend,

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Following on from my emails on how to get paid 2 share videos...

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Get Paid 2 Share Videos!

People keep asking me is this really true etc etc, so below I've compiled some facts in this short review.

The company (UvioO) has been going over 4 years now. (I've been with UVioO for over 3 years now)

Membership base of over 150,000

Over 100 Million Videos Shared!

Do they really pay you to share videos?

Yes they really do pay you to share YouTube videos in there platform.
(You've probably shared YouTube videos before and NOT got paid for it! WELL NOW YOU CAN!)

Some more benefits...

It's 100% FREE to join!


There is an option for a paid Pro membership just $93 for a year or smaller for shorter memberships.

If you want to make even more money then I definitely recommend this small pro membership.


All advertising revenue is SHARED with ALL Pro Members! (not free members)

This makes it a NO BRAINER to upgrade to pro member!


(You can attach your ad to any video, and if that video goes viral and shared all over the Internet,
your ad could be seen MILLIONS of times for FREE)

Do you really get paid?

A resounding Yes!

I've personally been a member of UvioO for over 3 years now and cash out when ever I feel the need.

No I'm not making millions with it, having said that I've hit as much as $500+ a day with it.
And have hardly shared and videos for ages.

Why do I do this?

Because it offers a genuine high quality service, TRAFFIC, with a twist! and you can also PROFIT
from this traffic to earn even more, it's free to join and there's truly no limits to how much you can make with it.

You also get paid to help the UvioO membership grow, so if your referrals upgrade to pro,
you get a nice $20 commission.

Again not a fortune, however it all ads up to some nice extra additional income.

This is my favourite bit. (Be WARNED, ITS HIGHLY ADDICTING!)

YOU CAN DOUBLE your earnings by purchasing checkpoints! $5 becomes $10 instantly you purchase it.

That's a 200% return!

Reaching a checkpoint allows you to double your money every time.

They consist of ad space that UvioO has presold to advertisers.

As a member you can gather that deal!

As soon as a checkpoint is available, jump on it.

Because it doubles your money instantly every time!

Right now, you can acquire Checkpoint #1 for $5 and make $10 instantly.



There are 36 ads on the video page. You can be the co-owner of those locations.
Each time uvioO sell them, they pay you. How cool is that?!

All these ads are paying you multiple $1, $10, $20, $40 each time they sell them for you.

For each location you don't own, uvioO will redistribute all the amounts to other co-owners once a month,
so acquire them all now. It's gold RUSH!

In other words if you want to make even more money purchase as many of these gold
positions as you can, like I did and you'll make a lot more money and faster too.

Again you don't have to purchase these positions to make money.

(You'll just make a lot more money & faster if you do)

Just so you know I purchased every single gold ad position when I first started (less than $4,000)
and keep making money on every single one of them.

When you want to cash out, you can at any time, and DOUBLE your money again and again,
you can then repurchase all those positions again to double your money over and over again. NON STOP!



When you acquire Gold Positions, you also receive ad credits to advertise your business! = NO BRAINER

For example,

Gold Position 19 is $100 so you obtain 10,000 ad credits to advertise your ad 10,000 times on UVIOO!

A 10% click through rate would = 1,000 clicks to YOUR WEB SITE!

And your getting paid for it too. 1% = 100 real visitors to your site etc etc.

(TIP: Write good headlines and add a good photo/image.)

because the earnings EXPIRE until you secure the position.

Some members miss many earnings before finally acting.

Keep in mind that you're now in the ONLINE ADVERTISING industry. Get used to such earnings!

Here's my personal referral link to join.

By joining my personal success team I can help & support you to maximise your earnings.

When you click on this link to join watch my video of me on the beech explaining how UvioO works.

Also notice my ad below the video (so long as I have enough ad credits) that follows this video
(or any video I choose) around so that when people click the ad this opens in a new window to
share my other business which builds my list all for free! Wow!


So to summarise...

Get paid to share videos

Free to join

High quality service and product (Traffic)

Advertising for any of your businesses

Global internet business

Multiple Options to make much more.

Unlimited earnings potential

My advice is simple, join now (100% free no cost)

I highly recommend you purchase the pro membership. Why? You'll make a lot more money and faster too!

Next purchase your first checkpoint for $5 and instantly DOUBLE your money!

Next purchase as many gold positions as you can. If you can stretch to purchase
them all then you'll maximise your earnings immediately! (Like I did)

Next be sure to watch your emails daily as you'll be offered more opportunities to purchase
even more checkpoints when they become available, be sure to purchase them straightaway
as if you leave it just 24 hours you'll start to lose the opportunity to earn the most money on those positions.

Next, start sharing UvioO videos on your Facebook timeline and in Facebook groups,

I recommend at least 5 videos per day, spread across the day.

When you share a video always add a comment about the video and ask to SHARE.

Next and every time you see a video on Facebook, send a private message to them and also
leave a comment in the video asking them if they would like to get paid to share there videos?


They'll ask you how, you send your UvioO link. Simple!

Next jump on to YouTube and again leave comments in the videos and
PM the creators of these videos simply asking them if they would like to make
some extra money sharing their videos?

Imagine now your doing this business daily, you can easily be making enough money to pay
your mortgage, the rent, your car payment and even all your monthly bills COMBINED!

How much you make is truly up to you! There is no upper limit!

Will you become a millionaire from it? Who knows! That's really up to you!

Take action now and change your life!

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Keep being awesome

Be the best!

Your friend & mentor.

Simon Stepsys
9 FIGURE Producer

Skype: mentorofmillionaires

Call/Text: UK + 44 (0) 7971 88 55 60 (call/text me anytime I'm here to help you)

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