Subject: Good Until Midnight (URGENT)


Hi Friend,

Since there's so many 'philosophies' and
theories from all the talking heads out
there on how to have commissions flowing
to you like a fine wine out of a crystal glass.... - and today ONLY - I want to
give you an all killer, no filler private video
series that will clear up any and ALL confusion
about what you need to do right now to
get money and start making sales.

(and also what you need to STOP doing)

The feedback for this call was overwhelming.

(to say the least)

So here's what I got for you (today only):

This two part videos series will most
likely go into a paid product - or may
only be released to a select group of

....but while we decide what we're going
to do with it - for TODAY ONLY....

...I'll give it to you free when you buy
the $25 Empower Network blogging


You spend $25 and I'll give you one of
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Here's what else you'll learn inside
this rogue video series:

- how to create 'commission magic' by ignoring what
99.9% of people say, and applying what we call our
3-step "no selling" approach

- the type of sales funnel we've used to rake in $12,000,000
in product sales in 8 months (100% Commissions) - and the type of funnels to
avoid at all costs (because they will keep you broke)

- how one simple question will answer the biggest 'myth'
you have about making money online

So, now - here's what to do next:

Click the link below and buy the
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Then, once you're in - I'll send you a
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You can watch this training this
afternoon - and my guarantee is

You will not be wasting any more
time doing things that won't make
you at least $1,000 a day from now

And if you do - you'll know you're
wasting your time - and you'll stop
immediately, instead of six months
or a year down the road (like most
people do)

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I'll see ya in a few with your private
link to our secret team group and we'll
get your eyes on these videos right

I'll see ya in a few....on the "other side" :-)

- Simon Stepsys
I am a veteran Internet Marketer with
over 15 years full time online experience.
"7 Figure" Earner, Success Coach, & Enlightened Entrepreneur

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