Subject: CryptoWorldEvolution (CWE) FIRST LONDON UK Hotel Business Opportunity Presentation and Training.

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CryptoWorldEvolution (CWE) FIRST LONDON UK Hotel 

Business Opportunity Presentation and Training.

An Exciting Opportunity to Learn all about Bitcoin/Crypto 

Currencies & how to capitalize on one of the fastest growing 

trends in the world today!

Learn how to not only buy bitcoin but also how to trade bitcoin 

& crypto currencies on total autopilot using CWE's propriety 

software auto trading bots 24/7.  

A real proven & tested product that has already produced 

incredible profits & returns since August 2017. 

The Bots will buy, trade and sell crypto currencies on your behalf 

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Don't miss the boat on one of the worlds fastest growing trends 

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We head to Thailand in mid March to first CWE event. 

Company offices in Spain. 

Global Head quarters opened in Panama. 

3 New Bots launching very soon. 

Worlds first Hash Power & Mining Bot launching soon! 

Massive phenomenal GROUND FLOOR opportunity/product 

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A Real Proven Automated Trading Product THAT MAKES YOU MONEY/Profits 24/7! 

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We have World Class automated funnel closing systems too. 

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In addition to all this the company just announced 3 Brand New

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1. Forex

2. Futures

3. Stocks 

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The company just announced they launching the worlds first ever 

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In addition they just launched the android app which sends signals to 

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I also start Hotel Events in London and then throughout Europe

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The company already have there first event in March in Thailand. (in mid march)

I will be in attendance! 

They also have offices in Spain and just opening world head quarters In Panama!  


Once you’ve watched the video please be sure to get back to me

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Either call/text/what app me on +44 (0) 7971 88 55 60 

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I also just set up UK London Hotel Presentations followed my fast start 

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