Subject: Bitcoin Smashes past $11,000!


Greetings Champion!

As you can see, bitcoin’s rise is the most powerful market eruption of the last 400 years.

It’s on track to beat out every boom, bubble and bull the modern financial market has ever seen.

Some will be scared off by the speed and magnitude of this searing climb.

Not me.

As an Entrepreneur, I’ve waited my whole career for this! The rise of bitcoin has been nothing short of mind-bending.

Bitcoin has climbed more than 1000% this year.

The most bullish investors see it soaring a further 6,000% or more from here on out.

I’m one of them. An eventual price of $500,000 or even more than $1,000,000 a coin would not surprise me.

If you’re not into bitcoin yet – my advice – stop faffing about. As far as I’m concerned, it should be every entrepreneur/investor’s first port of call!

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Bitcoin smashed past $11,000 today. (it was $3,000 a few months ago) 

Tons of ordinary people are becoming REAL Millionaires with Bitcoin. 

2018 could easy see bitcoin hit $40,000! Even if it just doubles that's still phenomenal.

Compare that to what your bank/building society pays you each year....(around 1%!)

I believe Bitcoin will hit $100,000 within 4 years. 

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