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Usi-Tech has 500,000+ Members growing 2,500 – 5,000 a day!

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Operating 70 countries globally

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Global Mining Leader – 1% of Global Bitcoin Mining Power, 

2.5% of Global Ethereum Mining Power

$100 million investment in mining hardware 

secures cashflow for future

Innovative patented technology saves up to 90% of mining 

electricity cost and it's 90% more efficient in heating and cooling

NEW: USI-Tech UTC Tokens are now available!

Ability to withdraw your Bitcoins daily!

Ability to compound your profits daily!

Earn Additional 35% in commissions Up To 12 levels deep

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Car Bonus Of 800 Euros Per Month For Hitting 2000 BTC-Packages 

+ All Expenses Paid Trip Bonuses.


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I Want to become a Bitcoin Millionaire! (no cost to join) 

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USI Tech

A few FACTS and a little information 

USI-Tech Mine, Trade & Arbitrage our capital to provide us with a 

Return on our Capital - just like the banks do with our money!


We DO NOT invest 

We DO NOT get interest


We get a RETURN on our CAPITAL 

•No Selling 

•No Physical Products 

•No Auto-ship 

•No Monthly Payment / Fee

•Recruitment Optional

•No Catches 

Return on Capital 

•0.75% - 1.25% Per Day 

•3.75% - 6.25% Per Week 

•Average of 1% per Working Day

•5 Days Per Week 

Two Options:

1) Customer 

•Minimum of £50 to join 



2) Affiliate 


•12 Levels Compensation Plan 

•Level One

10% Referral fee - FOR LIFE 

•Level Two to Eight 

3% Passive Income - FOR LIFE 

•Level Nine to Twelve 

1% Passive Income -FOR LIFE


I Want to become a Bitcoin Millionaire! (no cost to join) 

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I Want to become a Bitcoin Millionaire! (no cost to join) 

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