Subject: $100,000 a month. 1 HOUR A DAY.


Hey Friend,

No links in this email again. Just something
you need to hear.


OK listen…

$100,000 a month in 1 hour a day?

… Hands off (Autopilot).

And I know what you’re thinking…

It sounds too good to be true, but
the word is with this... IT WORKS.

… And one guy is about to *pull back*
the curtains and show you EXACTLY
how he’s doing it. LIVE.

This is carrying on from my email yesterday.
Did you get it?

If not, don’t worry. This email is even
more important…


That’s the name of this software that’s
causing all the FRENZY in the industry.

… and over the next few days, a LIVE
event is going to happen.

Not a webinar…

A live event which shows creator, George
Brown... walk his audience through step
by step...

EXACTLY how he makes $100,000 a month,
working one hour a day... using Predator.

On camera. And for free.

And here’s the BIG NEWS..
I’ve got YOU a seat.

It’s such an exclusive event though, seats
are very hard to come by…

I’ve only got a couple, but I’m doing
my best to grab a few more, because I know
I haven’t got enough for my whole list.

I’m still waiting to hear....

… constantly refreshing my inbox.

You’ll be the first to know if I get any

I’m good to you like that ;)

So keep an eye on your inbox because
tomorrow, in my next email, I will let you
give you a link.

That’s TOMORROW. I will send you an
invitation link.

Depending on how many more I can get,
they might go VERY FAST.

So keep a look out, and prepare to get over
there quick if you want a seat…

… On what is set to be THE event of the year.

Simon Stepsys.