Subject: 😀 "You're Invited, MindCapital Tech Team Live Trading Real Proof Zoom, TODAY 7pm GMT"




 "You're Invited, MindCapital Tech Team Live Trading Zoom TODAY 7pm GMT"

Showing & explaining all the real trading results!

* Thursday, January 30 * 📅

Invite your entire team to * Live Technical Zoom * ✅

The technical department will be live answering questions 📲

🔔 * Hours * 🔔

20:00 h SPAIN 🇪🇸
19:00 h PORTUGAL 🇵🇹
14:00 h COLOMBIA 🇨🇴
14:00 h ECUADOR 🇪🇨
14:00 h PERU 🇵🇪
13:00 h CDMX 🇲🇽
14:00 h NY USA🇺🇸
11:00 h THE USA 🇺🇸
15:00 h VENEZUELA 🇻🇪
15:00 h BOLIVIA 🇧🇴
15:00 h R. DOMINICANA 🇩🇴
16:00 h ARGENTINA 🇦🇷
16:00 h URUGUAY 🇺🇾
14:00 h PANAMA 🇵🇦
16:00 h BRASIL 🇧🇷
16:00 h CHILE 🇨🇱
04:00 h BRUNEI 🇧🇳
04:00 h CHINA 🇨🇳
01:30 h INDIA 🇮🇳
03:00 h INDONESIA 🇲🇨
05:00 h JAPAN 🇯🇵
04:00 h MALAYSIA 🇲🇾
04:00 h PHILIPPINES 🇵🇭
04:00 h SINGAPORE 🇸🇬
05:00 h SOUTH KOREA 🇰🇷
01:30 h SRI LANKA 🇱🇰
04:00 h TAIWAN 🇹🇼
03:00 h THAILAND 🇹🇭
03:00 h VIETNAM 🇻🇳
15:00 h CANADA 🇨🇦
04:00 h AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺
09:00 h NEW ZEALAND🇳🇿

* Join the momentum and be part of a single company that uses
INTEGRATED blockchain *

Room link: 👇 👇 👇 👇


Also in attendance will be Top Global Leaders including leaders who made
over $1 BILLION in sales! 

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2020 & beyond. 

We will also be demonstrating exactly how the trading works
& you can ask any questions you like!

It's going to be exciting!

Be warned though, when you see & hear what
we've got to share, you will NOT be able to sleep. 

See you there

Simon Stepsys


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CEO: Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo (World Famous Spanish man who beat the casinos
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Gonzalo and his team of international experts in mathematics, investments &
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the PROFITS these opportunities bring!

What Gonzalo has spent the last few year’s doing is working with
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stability, attract a large segment of the crypto market including 10 figure
leaders from other companies & opportunities.

The company only just recently launched in early January 2020 and yet in
the prelaunch they already grew the membership to over 12,000+ and over
4,000+ active and earning passive bitcoin daily.

Gonzalo & his international team of experts understands the field, the
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