Subject:  The $1.2 million event. LAST CHANCE.


Hi Friend,

Alright. It’s been an amazing week...

And now... Your FINAL chance is upon us.

That special link I sent you yesterday...

… is about to be removed.


Click to watch the $1.2 Million Re-stream. (LAST CHANCE)

Do you want to know see exactly how a real
super affiliate makes over $100,000 a month?

In one hour a day. … And mostly on autopilot.

You’re about to miss out on an event
that made history...

And he walks you step by step through
EVERYTHING, ready for you to copy.

… The re-stream was actually taken down, but
after some apparent ‘angry emails’ George
has been kind enough to put it back up.

----> Watch the ENTIRE event here.

This event was more educational than
most ‘courses’... And won’t cost you
a PENNY to watch it!


For those who’ve watched the event, a
payment plan has just been released.

Allowing you to get in on the Predator
‘Beta’ project, in 2 installments.


I had floods of emails from you guys who
really wanted to get involved...

… but struggled with payment.

So this is for you.

A life saver.

Get Predator with the payment plan.

I really couldn’t make this any
easier for you.

You’ve got an AMAZING opportunity.

I’ve signed up. And I’ll be starting my
own Predator campaigns today.

And the industry has gone WILD.

The replay could be taken down any
minute now.

→ So watch it now (QUICK)

Don’t let anything get in the way.

Nothing else is worth it.


Go watch it,
Simon Stepsys.