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Quick latest update...

We arrive in Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA 🇲🇾 this Wednesday for the
C2 & above Leadership meeting on the 30th July.

I will be staying in the Double Tree Hilton in central Kuala Lumpur
until Monday July 1st when I fly back home.

I’m available to meet any leaders/prospects during my stay and will
show you exactly how to make millions of dollars with our amazing
app all from your smartphone!

Please private message me for meetings etc or comment INFO below!

Cloud Token complete updates on the app. 

Earnings are out of this world! 

Cloud Token Leadership event in Malaysia next weekend for C2
Leaders and above. 

I reached new milestone this week, (yesterday) I reached the next C2
leadership level.

Am earning just shy of $3,000 a DAY in CTO, at todays rate!

On a 10x token increase in price that = $30,000 DAILY.

If it 100x, then I am not even going to write!

We are moving into a serious BULL market where MILLIONS will be made.

Cloud Token Price up to 0.4370 cents (Up 43% in just over one month!)

Bitcoin up to $11,165! (up from $3,500 earlier this year!)

We have normal everyday people making a killing here!

One young guy from Malaysia made over $93,000 his FIRST MONTH!

CTO already now have 4 offices in China, 1 in Vietnam, and setting up
there global head office as we speak in Kuala Lumpha Malasia.

CTO have Massive 10,000 people event for last week in August this year,
where they will launch there new and latest projects!

We believe the price can easy 100x within the next 12 months, and if it only
does have that, or even just a 10th of that, there will be many MILLIONAIRES

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You really can make millions per year with this brand new phenomenal
crypto project!

My Business partner from Ireland is already earning over $12,000+ DAILY!

And he only started just over 1 month ago.

Top guy from China, already earning over $20,000+ daily!

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Nothing to buy!

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NO Investment!

We all truly believe that anyone with real ambition can realistically earn
over $10+K a DAY with this!

But lets say you only did 10% of this or 1% if this?

That's still $1,000/$100+ a DAY, PASSIVE INCOME!

The biggest Wealth Opportunity in the World is about to be launched and
thousands are joining from all over the world.

The opening event was this weekend just gone in Bangkok in Thailand and
was sold out and massive success!

We have major leaders and teams that have already joined and are beginning
to build huge teams.

Some members are already earning in excess of $200 - $10,000+ & an INSANE
$20,000+ DAILY within there first month!!

I'm already earning over $2,000+ days & i just got started. (only 1 month

My Business partner from Ireland is already earning over $10,000+ DAILY!

And he only started just over 1 month ago.

We all truly believe that anyone with real ambition can realistically earn
over $10+K a DAY with this!

Here's the amazing thing! 

There is NOTHING to buy!

Nothing to sell. 

No recruiting!

It's truly unique, like nothing you ever seen before. 

IN all my 26 years online marketing career I've never ever seen anything
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We already have proven plan in place to show you how to earn in excess of
10K to 100K monthly! Even 100K DAILY! (we are SERIOUS!) 

The company and this phenomenal GROUND FLOOR opportunity is no doubt going
to create a lot of Millionaires!




I only joined at the start of May and am already earning over 3,000+ tokens
per DAY, the token price is already up over 42% at 0.42cents and when the
price hits just $1 that equates to $3,000+ daily or $1 Million per year
income within my first MONTH.

If the price hits $30, that’s the equivalent of an INSANE $30,000 DAILY!

By the way I’m no where near the top earners, my sponsor is already
earning over $10,000+ per DAY, and we know there is a guy earning
over $20,000+ per DAY!

What’s Incredible is that there is nothing to buy or nothing to sell!

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So how do you make this kind of INSANE income?

Please watch recorded webinar that explains how it all works...

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Please be warned this is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!


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To get started follow the instructions here...

This is ALL APP based, yes all on your smartphone. 

Download the app HERE 


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Works via app on any Android or IPhone

Follow these steps to get the app on your iPhone 📱

Device management Click on the
*Y F Technologies Trust*


Next open up your new cloud token wallet and fund your account to start
earning passive daily income 24/7.

There is no minimum for the bots to make you money daily!

To earn from the referral program you need to hold at least $500 in your
cloud token wallet.

One of my friends just started with 40 Bitcoin ($250,000+)

We recommend holding at least $600 in case the price value of bitcoin goes
down, again your cloud token wallet account needs to hold at least $500 in
value at all times to earn referral rewards.

There is NO minimum to start earning daily profits!

Remember you still own the bitcoin, you can withdraw it, spend it just like
any other wallet. 

Except this crypto wallet pays you daily interest of approx 0.3% DAILY or
10% PASSIVE INCOME monthly. 

Company are already trading fund of $80+ Million and I believe they will hit
over ONE BILLION by the end of this year. 

The token is trading at just 0.42 cents already up 42% since
the launch on the 12th May 2019. 

A similar token went from 0.50 cents a year ago to over $100 today. 

We believe Cloud Token has the potential to DOUBLE that! 

You can also compound your profits daily 😁😁😁

I am about to set up LONDON Hotel events and we help leaders do the same
all over the world. 

Be sure to reach out to me on WhatsApp add me Simon Stepsys +44 7971 885560
just say interested in Cloud Token or you already on my success team, & I
can then add you to our leaders groups where I will be showing you how to
DOMINATE this and earn in excess of $1,000+ to even £10K+ DAILY!

That is not a miss print. :-) 

TIMING is of the essacne as the token will only keep going up in price, so
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The early adopters always make the largest profits. 

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