Subject: 🔴 "BAD NEWS!"


Hi Champion, 


MindCAPITAL STOP New Memberships!

Good news is that it's only temporary! phew! 

“We also hit over $2.8 MILLION this week in just 80, see image and
details on my new blog post below....

Here's the new blog post why MindCAPITAL stops new memberships
and all the latest updates” 😍

When they reopen, whatever you do please be sure to join straight
away as memberships are limited by market trading size!

Again you can read why on my new blog post here...

Keep being awesome

Be the best! 

Your friend and mentor

Simon Stepsys

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When we reopen please be sure to message me on either facebook or
whatsapp & let me know you've joined (or have any questions) so
I can send you my welcome pack along with important leadership
groups to join. 

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