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This platform was officially launched in January 2020, and has gone through
a 3 month pre-launch phase trial with very positive results.

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We are the world's first exclusive platform combining trillion-dollar
traditional FIAT market with new and dynamic Crypto Market!

Using Our Proprietary AI Driven MINDCAPITAL Trading Bot (wins 99%) and
Experienced MATHS based formulas & algorithms, you will earn a steady
PASSIVE IMCOME of between 15 to 20% ROI monthly from your contributions
with MindCapital!.

In MindCapital, profits are derived from the crypto / fiat arbitration
operating system and members participate in the distribution of 65% / 35%
of profits, this means that members receive 65% of gross profit and 35%
platform providers for network bonuses and platform upgrades.

The income reflected on the web platform is GROSS, that is, the net
percentage of members.

This is an average of 1% per day. However, until now, the conditions of
access have been determined very clearly.

MindCapital Rules?

1️⃣ - Minimum contribution of $ 100 USD and a maximum of $ 100,000 USD.
2️⃣ - Payment of profit obtained is done every business day, from
Monday to Friday in your own portfolio account on the platform.

3️⃣ - Withdrawal profit available to withdraw to your external wallet
when the value exceeds $ 50 USD, and a maximum withdrawal of $ 10,000 USD
per day.

4️⃣ - Initial capital can be withdrawn after 90 days of your

5️⃣ - There is no charge for withdrawal fees, whether for withdrawals
or capital deposits. There is only a 2.5% Blockchain fee to process
transactions when we deposit or issue Bitcoin.

6️⃣ - There is compound profit generated. So you have to count 90 days
as if it were a new investment.

MindCapital combines high profitability with high liquidity.

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