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Hi Champion, 

60,000+ members, in over 80 countries, and every single one of them

Quick update after a phenomenal super exciting private zoom call I did
with MindCAPITAL CEO Gonzalo last night and big Brazilian Leader who
is looking at joining our team!

We went past $7 MILLION (Over $7 MILLION+ NOW) yesterday and now doing almost $500,000+ EVERY WEEK and super RISING FAST! 

We should be hitting ONE MILLION A WEEK by end of AUGUST 2020!

Don't miss the boat and remember, EVERY SINGLE PERSON is

Our team alone are arbitraging over $140 MILLION MONTHLY!

MindCAPITAL also launch their own Exchange very soon.

Plus TWO new bots launching soon (september) that earn even more passive
daily income.

Plus this thursday they do live trade recommendation and after the
success of the last one where members traded over $6 MILLION and made
over $300,000 in approx 20/30 minutes you don't want to miss out!

MindCAPITAL now have reached over 60,000 members in over 80 countries
(every single person makes money) and are on track to reach 500,000
members by the end of this year 2020!

Many BIG leaders are starting to seriously look at & join MindCAPITAL now
and they bringing there teams in!

I did a call with MindCAPITAL CEO Gonzalo last night and big Brazilian
Leader who is looking at joining and bringing in his teams from South America &
South East Asia!

Once MindCAPITAL hit 500,000 members they will be in the TOP TEN exchanges
in the WORLD! WOW!

MindCAPITAL also looking at launching even more products and
opportunities to profit from including new recommendation coin service.

The new recommendation service will allow members to capitalize on coin
profits of up to and more than 25% DAILY!

Also recommending coins that will potentially multiple in value by over 5
TIMES in short amount of times!

As you can see with all the new updates MindCAPITAL is here to stay!

In fact we are only just starting!

Our call with the CEO last night was phenomenal and truly enlightening!

He strongly confirmed that MindCAPITAL is built to last and is
going to be around a LONG TIME!

They have many long term plans & super exciting new opportunities!

The new MindCAPITAL film is on track and they plan to launch the film
in NOVEMBER 2022!

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Your friend and mentor

Simon Stepsys

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