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Why did I join Mind-Capital?

First of all because of the owner, if you read what he did in the early 90s
then you will see the guy is a genius.

There is a movie about his life, there are many books about his life, there
are A LOT of interviews in many newspapers and magazines about his life.

His story has been featured in the History Channel and so on....

We have been in many zoom calls with him.

I recently flew to MADRID to meet & interview him.

If he created a system that beat the casinos so many years ago, (won over
250 MILLION Pesetas!) why can't he do the same with an easier thing like

💥 Legal registration of the company will be shown where it states that
the owner is Gonzalo García-Pelayo

💥 The arbitrage software shows live and we can see
how it works and how it makes money for both the company and the members.

💥 We can see that the software is REAL and the ROI we get is
generated by it and not by new money from members.

💥 I am telling you this now, it was supposed to be revealed in the
event, but I will share this with you. All company exchange accounts will
be monitored and audited by a third party company called cointracker. io,
is the company that many countries accept as a valid tool to calculate the
taxes we have to pay from our crypto earnings.

So it's not just what the company is saying they do, a 3rd party will
monitor that and we'll be able to follow up!

💥 The hash ID of the transactions IS also displayed in the back
office and YOU CAN see them live working any day of the week.

💥 A Blockchain book written by Gonzalo was given to us at the launch event.

I even flew to Madrid to meet the CEO & corporate team and interview the
great man himself! (before new year)

Here’s my Interview with the CEO & Global Leader Simon Stepsys

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