Subject: Congratulations Friend

Hi Friend!

Congratulations on making it to the end of the 14 Day BODYBLAST Challenge! You've successfully completed our program and did it with the determination that keeps us thriving at JSLF! We LOVED every moment we had with you, and hope that you enjoyed our staff & programming as well.

We have received so much incredible feedback, and my staff and I are just glad to have been able to showcase what's possible with an effective program. I hope that you were able to experience the profound effects of a structured and effective health & fitness program focused on earning results.

If you haven't yet, please send us your before & after photos and both body composition analyses. We will use these to determine the 1st place winner of the challenge! Remember, the prize is a 6-month pass for our Lean & Fit program!

Many of you have decided to become a part of Team Savidis and that makes all of us here ecstatic! We can't wait to see the kind of progress you'll acheive in a few months, it'll be amazing.

To stay motivated and informed, please follow along with our weekly newsletter (Getting Lean & Fit, Weekly) and our Facebook & Instagram Page. Stay engaged and achieve even more going forward.

Again, congratulations on your progress and whether you signed up or not, I will see you again soon!

Please note that your program ends on Sunday, March 19th.

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