Subject: 14-Day BODYBLAST Motivation Email #2

Your at-home workout and nutrition info for the week!
*Please do 50 pushups in total

Hey Everyone!

Congratulations on making it to Week 2 of the 14-Day BODYBLAST Challenge!!! Your dedication and enthusiasm is inspiring for our team to see, and is exactly why I knew this group would do so well!

This week, use these more advanced "at-home" exercises to stimulate your metabolism first thing in the morning. Don't worry if it takes you longer than you expected, just get it done.

Also, the importance of meal prep can't be overstated! Make sure that you're preparing the meals for the day (or days) ahead of time. If you're left scrambling for a last-second meal, you have a higher chance of eating poorly or not eating at all. NOT GOOD!

Now that we've entered the final week of the program (already??), it's important to talk about how you will continue your progress after this program is over. I know that my team and I would love to see you continue your journey here with us, but that's not the priority. The priority is having YOU maintain your control over your health & fitness. Don't slide back into the old habits that left you unsatisfied with how you look and felt.

There is nutrition info that you need to know about that comes into play after your 14-day program. This week, I'll be meeting with each of you for a Success Session to go over these next steps. We will also review what you've been doing and your results so far so we can optimize the results you're earning. There are a few things that need to be done beforehand:

  1. Book your Success Session at the front desk. On Monday, we will have an appointment schedule there with available times during the week. You will be able to select the time that works best for you.
  2. Submit your "after" picture. Send them to and include "After picture" as the email's subject. Please try to duplicate as many things as you can from the "before" picture (e.g. same clothing, same background, etc.). 
  3. You will be getting a second body composition analysis at your Success Session. Afterwards, please email us a picture of both "body comps" for us to analyze your progress.

Your before & after pictures and body comps will let us assess your progress, demonstrate the effectiveneness of our programs to others, and will allow us to determine who the winner of this challenge is!

One more thing...I have a favour to ask of you. 

We've seen how excited and motivated you all have been and we would love the rest of the world to know how awesome our community is. We ask our clients to give us an honest review of the service snd community that is offered here at John Savidis' Lean & Fit ELITE, and we're proud to have earned a wonderful review section displayed on Google and Facebook.

We would love to have your thoughts added to the voice of our community! Please go here to leave a Google review and a leave a Facebook review here. Leaving a review on each platform will do a lot in terms of letting our local community know who we are and what we care about. Thank you in advance!

Ok, remember to complete the checklist this week and come to classes right up to the end of the program (Sunday, Feb 19). We will see you soon!

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