Subject: The 10 Day Live Your Potential Challenge

10 Days Live Your Potential Challenge...
Here We Go!

Hello Friend 

Welcome to The Inner Happiness 10 day Challenge. 

You will be channeling your inner happiness with the power of your thoughts within the next few days, so keep an open mind. 

Happiness can come from all angles, it can come from having a great day, receiving a compliment to receiving the greatest surprise in the world by channeling the power of your mind. 

The 10 day live your potential challenge will help you bring forth your wishes and could even bring good unexpected surprises towards your way just by using your thoughts. 

So dedicate yourself to the full 10 days and see where it takes you. 

Few things before you start: 

-Write down your current state and situation. This is where you note down what is happening in your life now and set a bench mark. So when you finish the challenge. You could check to see if there are any changes that occurred during your challenge. Even the slightest change count. i.e So if a person that doesn't talk to you and suddenly talks or smiles at you. That's a win =) 

-The Activities are compounded by the day. So after 10 days.... you'll be doing all of the activities together on the same day. It may seem a lot, however if you chose to continue doing the activities after the 10 days. Eventually it will become second nature. 

- Also I recommend to read the challenge a day before and start the challenge the next day. That will allow you to have a full day to experience the effects. 

Most of all have fun and enjoy making your days happier and brighter with the power of your thoughts. 

Have fun my friends =) 

P.s. Your Day 1 email will be in your mail box soon. So keep yours eyes out for it.