Subject: Day 1 of 10... Live Your Potential Challenge

Day 1

This technique is Gold!

Meditation is a technique that allows us to balance out our daily life, especially from the busy world we live in. 

Allows us to clear our thoughts and make room for new ones. 

The thing is... we want amazing things to come into our world but we have no room for it. Clearing our mind out is like clearing out our wardrobe before we fill them up with new ones. We have to make room for it.

Do you want more room in your life for new things and more happiness?

Then meditation is the first step to having that clearer head space to think and allowing that new thought patterns come into place.

Meditation allows the mind to have a break from the hustle and bustle and is something we often neglect to do.

We are constantly busy making appointments, taking the kids to sport, meeting dead lines and making sure dinner is ready  etc and we wonder why our days are constantly in a rush and in a manic state

However, we still want more and more and more

Hence there is no room for new things in your life because you have no time and space for it.

What meditation does is help us press the reboot button and start at fresh. It allows us to make better and clearer decision because now we have room in our minds to source the right answers and the right things.

- Find a quiet place to sit/lay down. It could be in your car, at a park, in a room or anywhere where you can have the time to yourself without distraction.
- Take few deep breathe and slow yourself down.
- Close your eyes and listen to the meditation I've attached to this email.

Have Fun and enjoy!


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