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Teardowns | Ride Sharing | Sea Level Change 17:03:02 -0500CC News - Federal budget, Suncor solar, Nova Scotia renewables market competition, and more 18:03:49 -0500CC News - Fusion energy, clean energy jobs for oil sands workers, crowdfunding solar, and more 16:03:26 -0500CC News - power investment, biodiesel, Oregan bans coal, and more 17:03:37 -0500CC News - Alberta won't buy power from B.C., national carbon pricing stalls, Bullfrog power at MEC, and more 18:03:34 -0500CC News - First Nation hydro project, Canada falling behind in energy investment, and more 20:02:54 -0500CC News - B.C. LNG criticized, clean energy agreement, green bonds, and more 19:02:47 -0500CC News - UBC nixes fossil fuel divestment, hydropower for oil sands, clean-energy deal signed, and more 17:02:12 -0500CC News - Alberta incentives, Obama doubles funding, renewables,and more 19:02:31 -0500CC News - Ontario wind project, CoPower green bonds, Nova Scotia power, . . . and more 22:01:39 -0500CC News - BC's CEV program, BC carbon neutral for 5 years . . . and more 20:01:00 -0500CC News - Wind! Clean Energy! Solar! . . . and more 20:01:34 -0500CC News - First Nations clean energy, benefits of state renewable standards, and more! 18:12:43 -0500CC News - BC clean vehicle alliance, 1.5 degrees, Plastic Bank awarded, and more! 18:12:32 -0500CC News - Canada pledges $$ to Africa, GHG emissions decline, Uruguay's power from 95% renewables, and more! 20:12:08 -0500CC News - Canada joins clean energy coalition, carbon emissions flatten, Dubai, and more! 17:11:27 -0500CC News - Alberta climate-change strategy, underwater balloons, emerging market investments, and more! 18:11:35 -0500CC News - Ontario cap & trade, billions lost by not divesting, USA clean tech, and more! 18:11:23 -0500CC News - Oil-sands carbon capture, Keystone rejection, California desert renewable plan, and more! 17:11:03 -0500CC News - BC emissions & economic growth report, Manitoba hydro, lithium-air battery, and more! 16:10:54 -0500CC News - BC energy MOU, Apple solar in China, UN report on low carbon investment, and more! 18:10:51 -0500CC News - Liberal gov't & clean tech, CO2 plants, cheap way to reduce GHG, and more 15:10:59 -0500CC News - California legislation, World Bank climate financing, Panasonic solar, and more 18:10:19 -0500CC News - Albertans want action, Clinton's climate vision, India's climate plan, and more 16:10:57 -0500CC News - China cap & trade, fuel cells, solar power, and more 18:09:41 -0500CC News - Clean energy investments, Quebec emission targets, global warming hiatus, and more 16:09:08 -0500CC News - Climate-smart cities, India's solar powered airport, net-zero Alberta oil town, and more 15:09:03 -0500CC News - Squamish solar, northern energy issues, Aspen runs on renewables, and more 18:09:33 -0500CC News - Hydro-Quebec, greenhouse gas, carbon emission allowances, carbonand more 18:08:04 -0500CC News - First Nation solar, Costa Rica breaks record, US funding for solar, and more 17:08:17 -0500CC News - Tidal energy, Project Sunroof, EU surpasses Kyoto, and more 17:08:01 -0500CC News - Alberta oil sands, Canada falls behind US, negative emissions in UK, and more 20:07:16 -0500CC News - Community solar garden, carbon tax turns 7, IKEA EV stations, and more 19:07:41 -0500CC News - Texas solar, Alberta geothermal, Sony & Hydro-Quebec, and more 13:07:35 -0500CC News - Alberta wind, oil sands regulation, China's climate plan, and more 21:06:13 -0500CC News - India solar, Europe's renewables, Tesla signs deal, and more 17:06:35 -0500CC News - Climate change risk, renewable energy capacity, cleantech venture capital, and more 18:06:09 -0500CC News - IKEA's renewable energy commitment, Ontario carbon pricing, Alberta's energy policy, and more 18:06:15 -0500CC News - Electric vehicles help Ontario, Canada falling behind in innovation, US wind energy focus, and more 18:05:23 -0500CC News - Green jobs in Asia, fossil fuel subsidies, Suncor calls for climate change action, and more 18:05:03 -0500CC News - Canada's Greenest City, Ontario GHG goals, Bank of America, and more 18:05:21 -0500CC News - Clean energy patents, renewable energy alliance, Hawaii's commitment, and more 18:05:56 -0500CC News - Clean energy patents, renewable energy alliance, Hawaii's commitment, and more 19:05:24 -0500CC News - Greener Edmonton, Tesla's home battery, tidal energy, and more 17:04:42 -0500CC News - Fossil fuel assets, energy storage, car sharing, and more 19:04:26 -0500CC News - Wind energy, green economy, clean energy boom, and more 17:04:44 -0500CC News - Emissions, carbon pricing, falling battery prices, and more 18:04:05 -0500CC News - Fracking Partnership, Floating Solar, Concentrated Solar Power and more 19:04:58 -0500CC News - Geothermal, Fossil Fuels, Electric Vehicles and more 18:03:23 -0500CC News - Canadian Energy, Costa Rica's Power, Canadian Cleantech and more 18:03:45 -0500CC News - Climate Change, Chinese Solar Panels, Global Emissions and more 18:03:06 -0500CC News - Sustainability, Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles and more 19:03:22 -0500CC News - Solar Power, Google, Wind Energy and more 19:02:52 -0500CC News - Green Economy, Fossil Fuel, Solar Fuel and more 18:02:04 -0500CC News - Wind Power, Solar Jobs, Volkswagen Contracts, and more 20:02:01 -0500CC News - UBC Divestments, Clean Energy Storage, Cheap Gas, and more 20:02:44 -0500CC News - UBC Divestments, Clean Energy Storage, Cheap Gas, and more 20:02:16 -0500CC News - UBC Divestments, Clean Energy Storage, Cheap Gas, and more 19:02:32 -0500CC News - Wind Power, Renewable Energy, Underwater Balloons, and more 20:01:10 -0500CC News - Low Oil Prices, Solar Plants, Energiewende, and more 19:01:06 -0500CC News - Carbon Markets, Green Bonds, Wind Power, and more 17:01:24 -0500CC News - Ride-Sharing, Organic Waste Power, Clean Energy, and more 16:01:57 -0500CC News - Carbon Tax, Tidal Energy, Milkweed Fibre, and more 17:12:50 -0500CC News - Green Bonds, Canada Climate Promise, Falling Fossil Fuel, and more 19:12:46 -0500CC News - Fossil Fuel Campaign, Hydrogen Buses, Risk of Fossil Fuels, and more 18:12:20 -0500CC News - Energy Efficiency, Electric Buses, Aluminum Smelters, and more 18:11:25 -0500CC News - Carbon Tax, Canadian Biomass, Venture Capital Fund, and more 17:11:58 -0500CC News - Canadian Solar, Flywheels, Lending Programs, and more 17:11:27 -0500CC News - China Trade Mission, Geothermal Energy, Eco-Policies, and more 18:11:27 -0500CC News - Ontario Wind Energy, New Battery Factory, B.C.'s Technology Sector, and more 16:10:36 -0500CC News - Solar Price Targets, Climate Change, Bangladesh’s Solar Energy, and more 20:10:52 -0500CC News - Clean Energy, Wind Energy, Fusion Reactors, and more 17:10:12 -0500CC News - Energy Efficiency, Zero-Emissions Solar, Geothermal Energy, and more 16:10:19 -0500CC News - Cleantech Incubator, Electric Car Sales, Carbon Capture Storage, and more 18:10:39 -0500CC News - BC Wood Waste, China's Electric Vehicles, Solar Power, and more 18:09:00 -0500CC News - Coal Emissions, Cleantech Funding Portal, Ontario Green Bonds, and more 18:09:43 -0500CC News - Ontario wind energy, solar in Africa, earthquakes linked to dam sites, and more 18:09:12 -0500CC News - North American carbon markets, Tesla's gigafactory, carbon reduction too slow, and more 17:09:18 -0500CC News - Smart tech, solar subsidies in India, modern utility grids, and more 16:08:31 -0500CC News - Canadian geothermal grows tepid, a world without power plants, indigenous mapping project, and more 17:08:23 -0500CC News - Canadian solar stumbles, critters & climate change, Canadian hydropower flows South, and more 19:08:05 -0500CC News - green street lights, urban biking policy, spiking GHGs, and more. 17:08:27 -0500CC News - ebikes, airbnb, pay-as-you-go solar, and more. 17:07:09 -0500CC News - Coal Carbon Capture, Australian Solar Prices, Solar Trade War, and more. 21:07:22 -0500CC News - Drone Technology, Morocco's Cleantech Leadership, Tidal Lagoons, and more. 19:07:21 -0500CC News - Green Highway, Industrial Refrigeration, using Oil Sands Money for Solar, and Solar, Sub-Saharan Solar Race, "Standby mode," and more 16:07:32 -0500CC News - Aussie Rooftop Solar, Sub-Saharan Solar Race, "Standby mode," and more 19:07:59 -0500CC News - Trash to gold, south-south trade, Canada a top 10 cleantech investor, and more 19:06:10 -0500CC News - Neighbourhood solar panel movement, clean tech funding, and more 17:06:16 -0500CC News - Canadian Wind Energy, Tesla Patent Release, Green Tech & Sewers, and more 18:06:39 -0500CC News - Coal power regulations, carbon offsets, world's first flow battery, and more 20:06:47 -0500CC News - Solar roadways, biogas into gold, renewables & Chevron, and more 18:05:44 -0500CC News - Offshore wind power, petri-burgers, landfill biogas project, and more 16:05:46 -0500CC News - China pushes its solar capacity, US shifts toward natural gas, and more 16:05:31 -0500CC News - Divestment, Walmart & Solar Energy, Utilities & Distributed Generation, and more 19:05:40 -0500CC News - Real Cost of Fossil Fuels, Google & SunPower, BMW i3, and more 17:05:59 -0500CC News - Electric Airliner, Chinese Environmental Laws, Graphene Breakthrough, and more 17:04:27 -0500CC News - Energy Intelligence, Green Jet Fuel, Solar Potential, and more 20:04:32 -0500CC News - Solar projects, solar-powered flight, Ikea's wind farm, and more 18:04:52 -0500CC News - Canada's clean energy investments surge, renewable biomethane, climate change, and more 18:04:19 -0500CC News - Green cars, renewable energy, carbon futures tumble, and more 17:03:29 -0500CC News - Canada's Innovation Gap, War on Coal, Norway's Oil Wealth Investments, and more 19:03:34 -0500CC News - EU Limits Carbon Offsets, Lean Budgets, Canadian CleanTech, and more 19:03:04 -0500CC News - Coal Carbon Capture, Waste-to-Energy, Cleantech Exports, and more 19:03:22 -0500CC News - Cleantech roadmap, $5 billion battery "gigafactory," and more 20:02:11 -0500CC News - Wind is down, solar is surging, China commits to clean water, and more 23:02:10 -0500CC News - Whose cleantech are you wearing? 21:02:50 -0500CC News - SolarCoin connects digital investors with renewable energy 14:02:05 -0500Clean Capital News - 06 February 2014 15:01:24 -0500Clean Capital News - 30 January 2014 18:01:55 -0500Clean Capital News - 23 January 2014 16:01:12 -0500Clean Capital News - 16 January 2014 16:01:49 -0500Clean Capital News - 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