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Only a few hours left to get into 48-Hour Film School. Read More...
I just wanted to send you a friendly reminder that enrollment into 48Hr Film School closes in a few hours.

There are a lot of mistakes business owners make when it comes to creating marketing videos online...but the BIGGEST one of all is choosing to NOT do video.

There may be a dozen reasons why you're putting it off, but there's a million more reasons why you can't afford to IGNORE video any longer.

Get all of the details about 48Hr Film School here:

The Online Video Revolution 
Last week I was in L.A. interviewing people from different backgrounds, professions, businesses, and lifestyles — but they all had one thing in common...

They are all tapping into the power of Online Video to build their businesses and brands (and getting unreal results).

Video is the one skill I think everyone should learn in 2015 to stay ahead in business.

And 48Hr Film School makes learning video fun and simple.

Click HERE to get in before it closes.

Need Anything?

If you have any questions or need anything just tweet me @seancannell or reply to this email.

Keep crushing it and we'll talk soon!

Sean Cannell
Helping You Succeed in The Digital World

P.S. If you're wondering if 48Hr Film School is right for you... Here is who it is for:

The Beginner
If you have little-to-no experience with video (other than shooting a quick video on your smartphone) this course is all you need to go from Zero to Video Hero!

The Emerging Entreprenuer
If you’re just starting a business, I can't think of a better way to begin
generating momentum than by using video to build your brand and
share your message.

The Expert Marketer Lacking Video 
If you have been marketing your business online with great success,
but you realize VIDEO can enhance your success, this course will show you exactly how to easily add this engaging medium into your existing campaign.

The cool thing is that you can try out the school for 30-days with no risk and make sure it is a good fit.

So make sure to lock in your registration in the next few hours before the doors close until next year. 

Watch this video with all of the details on 48Hr Film School here:

Check Out the latest videos here:
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