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Welcoming Spontaneity
In a meeting today, my client, Lisa, beamed as she announced: "I'm seeing spontaneity in my writing!" When we started working together a few months ago, her voice on the page was predictable and boring—even to her. She was writing in circles, repeating herself, shut off from her unique, creative self.

Helping others discover their most spontaneous nature is what thrills me, too.

We have been conditioned away from that surprise-filled being. Releasing our true nature requires trust. It means letting go of constructed outcomes.

When my work is perfectly planned out, I may feel in control, but I will miss the best parts of myself. When I want to tap into something wild and wonderful and fresh, I simply can’t rely on my “usual” habits.

The inner critic—Doctor Codger—braces against anything new, preventing our natural, spontaneous flow. This is why a change of environment can be crucial. Time away from our usual routine can enable revelation as well as relaxation, can offer insight, strength, motivation, joy.

As a coach, I can take you out of the plodding tedium forced upon you by the critic. I can support you as you find surprises, make discoveries, gasp and grin and enjoy.

I hope that you Wildfire Writing women will consider joining "Sweet Pause in the Gorge," Friday, June 2 and Saturday, June 3. This is designed to release that flow of spontaneity that makes you feel most alive as a creator.

This happens with one-to-one clients like Lisa. It happens in Wildfire Writing classes, too—in the Wildfire variations and in Novel Writing, all at Clark College. Independently, the Master Class (Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings), and Burn Wild, the workshop series (stay tuned for July dates), give you the chance to dig deep in a proven community of skill and support.

You begin to see the world in a new way. And others. And yourself. And what you have to offer. Voila: you experience being spontaneous.

Sweet Pause in the Gorge
Women's Restorative & Creative Retreat
Friday evening and Saturday, June 2 & 3
Writing, Journaling, Nature. Cost: $200
Register by May 26 for $10 discount 

  • Thursdays, 6:30 pm: Novel Writing  at Clark College, Columbia Tech Center, Vancouver. Began last week, May 18. (You can still sign up.)
  • Wednesday evenings, 6:30 pm: Wildfire Master Class in Cascade Park. Independent offering. One seat available.
  • Thursdays, 9:30 am: Wildfire Master Class. New Location: Grays at the Park in Downtown Vancouver. Two seats available..
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