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Take More Time Off
January 2017 Newsletter by VacationCounts™
Read the latest articles on work-life-vacation balance, optimizing time off benefits, and taking more time off for family, travel, and enrichment. 
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This Month's How to Take More Time Off Issue: 
Just published on the VacationCounts blog is my article on how to optimize your work-life balance using 3 simple to implement online calendar techniques. 

Is improving your own work-life balance one of your New Year's Resolutions for 2017? 

My advice is for those that need help getting things done at work and making sure they take back their evenings and weekends. It's about productivity, time management, and fostering success both at work and in life.

-Scott, Editor and Travel Blogger at VacationCounts 
3 Office Calendar Tricks to Schedule Your Work-Life Time
Maintaining a healthy work-life balance throughout the year requires diligence. You can’t just set it and forget it. Just like so many of us forget to go to the gym we joined (with good intentions in the new year), it’s easy to let our work schedule overwhelm our own time management goals. That is why you need to employ a few tricks to keep your work-life balance on track. 

Make it a habit by using your shared work calendar to remind you to manage your time better.  Here are 3 simple tricks (let’s call them techniques) to leverage your office calendar to your work-life-vacation balance advantage... [keep reading]

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Travel Insurance is Best Insurance
If you're like me you hate thinking about insurance and paying money for that (unlikely) just-in-case situation. However travel insurance is inexpensive and ensures that your vacation savings are not wasted if you get sick, injured, or run into unexpected travel difficulties.

One solid company to consider is Allianz who offer a variety of single trip, couple, family, and annual trip insurance policies. See if they can help you book and take that next vacation with greater piece of mind and protection to back you up, ... just in case.
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