YES TUITION- Discover & Reveal The Secrets of Top Students (Call 6336 6663)

December 26th, 2012 at 3:00 pm EDT

YES TUITION- Discover & Reveal The Secrets of Top Students (Call 6336 6663)
Discover & Reveal The Secrets of Top Students (Call 6336 6663)

Yes Tuition Agency

Motivation and counseling skills available!

1) Nursery and Kindergarten- English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil, Art and craft, Phonics, Flash cards and many more
2) Primary levels- English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil, English/ Chinese Creative writing, Maths, Science and Social Studies
3) Secondary Levels- English, Chinese, A & E Maths, Geography, History, Social Studies,  Biology,   Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Literature, Principle of  Accounts,  Malay  and Tamil
4) Junior levels ( H1/H2/H3)- General paper, Chinese, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Literature, History, Geography, Economics, Malay and Tamil
5) Diplomas and University Levels-Statistic, Finance, Accounting, Economics, English, Literature,    Business, Information Technology, Engineering, Programming Modules and  many more
6) Certificates- Olympiad, Australian, New South Wales Maths and Sciences. TESOL, IELTS, SAT and many more

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Discover  the wonders of our recommended Self-help Ebook/ Audio Book that has  successfully helped our students tremendously in their memory and  learning!


Our teachers:
1) All our tutors have a minimum 2 years of teaching experience.
2) Specialized and experience in specific subject.
3) Affordable fees of $20/hr onwards.
4) Verification of tutor's certifications can be arranged
5) Cater tutor based on student's character and weakness
6) Our track records has helped 8124 students to achieve better grades for the past 8 years.
7) Return with tutor's detailed profile within 24 hours via SMS/ Email/ Call.
8) Lessons can be customized based on student's learning habits..

Range of teachers:
- Current/ Ex NIE MOE School teachers (International/ Kindergarten/Primary/ Secondary/ Junior Colleges/ Polytechnics/ Universities lecturers)- $40/hr - $150/hr
- NIE Trainee teachers- $35/hr onwards
- Full time (Diploma/ Degree graduated)- $30/hr onwards
- Part time Professional (Working adults/ Journalist/ Lawyers/ Speech and Drama teachers) - $25/hr onwards
- A* Achiever Student tutor from NUS/ NTU/ SMU/ SIM- $20/hr onwards
- A* Student tutors from Diploma/ A level under/ graduated with excellent background- $15/hr onwards

Contact us at (65)6336 6663 or click here to engage a tutor from us now!

 - 4 to 12 lessons per 4 weeks x 1.5/ 2 hrs  per session
Our Tutors' Goals:
1. Allow student to MASTER what to study in the shortest time
2. Motivate student who wants to EXCEL and push for better grades
3. Aimed to achieve IMPROVED grades.
4. Teach student in INNOVATIVE ways to achieve a fun learning environment
5. WELL-PLANNED materials that complements student's understanding and examinations.
6. To see the TRANSFORMED improvement from student after a month of lessons.

About US:
By you, as a parent showing time to view our profile, it only means    that you are sincere to help your child to progress. As a parent, you    are very clear of what you want to benefit your child. "YES TUITION" is here to go into parents needs accordingly. We have always worked out a good price package for our clients. By you viewing our teacher's profile, you can always feel  reassured for your  child's improvement. And by you engaging a tutor  with us now, you will   feel a peace of mind always. Experience the  dynamism of learning. Imagine how would you feel, when your child improve in his daily work.  With the coaching by our experience tutors,  not only your child can  learn to communicate better, he/she will speak and write more   effectively. As a parent, you will feel good,  aren't you? All these are great, isn't it?
Feel the excitement and make the right decision by calling us now.

YES TUITION has been around for 6 years. We have helped near to 10,000 of students to succeed in their  written, spoken as well as motivational skills. Continuous learning is the key to reach your goal!

Contact us at (65)6336 6663 or click here to engage a tutor from us now!