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What's New?
What's Old?
Spotlight on Timer Pro Time & Motion interface

Whats New?

Visual Job Instructions
Excel template for training your people


The new Visual Job Instructions worksheet is the ideal tool for training new hires, vacation replacements, and temporaries. Your trainee sees a picture of every step of the process - to give visual context to your written instructions.

You can use colors, fonts, images, and arrows to make your instructions as error-proof as possible. You can customize headers and footers and ISO 9000 document control features. And it comes with free video training to get your users off to a fast start.

Our nearest competitor charges $1600 a seat for a less-capable product. You can have a license for unlimited users for as little as $499. Or get the entire bundle of 11 templates for Training Program Design for as little as $599. Or save even more when you take advantage of our discounts for multiple bundles of templates.

Learn more about the Job Instructions Worksheet...

Whats Old?
At Systems2win, our mission is to help you continuously improve YOUR systems for continuous improvement.

If you're still using Systems2win templates that are more than a year old - you're missing A LOT.

See what's new

We've been busily improving your systems, and now all you need to do is your part: Renew your Annual Maintenance.

We continue to add more Training Videos:

Free on-line training videos are one more way that Systems2win is helping you to continually improve your systems for continuous improvement.

In November, Systems2win released a program application interface for its Value Stream Mapping Power Tool

to make it easier for developers of third-party applications to import and export data to and from this powerful value stream mapping tool that has dozens of Lean calculations already pre-programmed.

The first application to take advantage of this new program interface is Timer Pro Professional - which allows you to collect time & motion data using video and/or your Palm Pilot or other PDA - and then import that data to your Systems2win Value Stream Map with one click.

Your Thoughts?
At Systems2win, we are "all about continuous improvement", so call us any time or use our feedback form to ask questions or share:

  • Your ideas for how to make a template better
  • Your ideas for how to make training better or using easier
  • Your ideas for new templates and training that you would find useful

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