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Newsletter #19
A Different Kind of Sleep
Notwithstanding the reality of the fact that only a small segment of the population are electronic industrial music fans, I cannot contain my excitement over how great I personally feel this production by myself, Ron Potter and Nathaniel Jones has turned out. This is music intended to be played at very LOUD volume. The musicality of this genre typically tells the story, but sometimes the lyrics are significant. Down to the very depths of his soul, this guy needs the kind of true restfulness and escape from the insanity of his world that only comes from a very special kind of sleep, which no matter how hard he tries, he cannot achieve. We're seeing inside the consciousness of a man who's perfect world where worries fade away is a fictional place that's been mangled by reality.

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New Video
The collaborative team of Stuck With Green, Evan Zappa, Protilius & Nery Bauer are pleased to present brand new music video for A Different Kind of Sleep. Click the image to watch on YouTube
Rebirth - 10 Year Anniversary Album Release
The death of my dad when I was a kid was a traumatic experience that changed my life. Ten years ago, another trauma inspired me to begin writing journal notes which quickly became song lyrics. In a few short months I wrote 28 songs, recorded them, burned cd’s and gave them out to friends and relatives. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure to study the art of songwriting from some masters in the field and, as a result, grew to understand how many mistakes were made in this first album, the reality of which is not lost on me.

In recognition of the ten year anniversary of founding Starburst Records, I am digitally re-releasing this collection of the first songs I ever wrote for they did, indeed, represent a Rebirth of my life.

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During each of the next 12 months we will celebrate landmark events experienced by this “little label that could” during its first 10 year history!
Nery Bauer
Director of Sales and Marketing
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