Subject: [Speed Seduction] Three "Innocent Questions" Now

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Dear Speed Seduction® Master-In-Training,

The Speed Seduction® 3-Day Seminar tour continues!

Tonight, I board my flight to Copenhagen, where this weekend we begin our 3-day seminar there. Will I see you there? If not, will I see you in London (just 2 weeks from now)?

Seeing as I have to finish packing, etc. I'll get right to this week's kick-a$$ girl-getting lesson.

A student of mine, while Sarging this weekend (she was hot, she was beautiful, she was brainy, she was a career woman well put together who had it going on), said this to her: "The important thing is, that now is the time... to close off...all that and push forward... in a new direction."

She paused. He thought he was busted.

She gave a mischievous grin and said "Uhhhmmm. Ok. A 'nude erection' huh?"

It was all good, though. 5 minutes later, it was ON.

It got me thinking about the detractors, the skeptics, and the outright haters who think that only a dumb woman would "fall for" this stuff.

Read it and weep, I say.

Peace and piece,

Ross Jeffries
Founder, Speed Seduction®

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"...I just had to send you this message to give you a very genuine thank you. I have changed myself so much in the last year...I learned NLP at the master prac level, I got into meditation, and best of all, I learned the art of seduction...all of which I did from "modeling" you. With all the money I spent on NLP, I really wish that I had spent it on your seminars, as I have realized such amazing benefit from your products, and I will definitely continue to be your loyal student. Everything of value that I learned from NLP, I had already learned from you. So if this message reaches your readers...skip learning NLP through some bogus institution...learn it from the best...someone who uses it practically...Ross you are the man, and your contributions to society and manhood will always be of utmost value. Thanks again brother."

Ryan Bae
Boulder, Colorado

"What Do You Do For Fun?"

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… you’ll hear a lot about new directions, what happens below me, and how I close off the past so that today is the last day of the way I used to be.

Some skeptics say, “pretty much any intelligent woman is going to pick up on these double entendres and think you’re stupid. Not for me, thanks.”

That’s a little misplaced, especially when many of my students get vaginally-victorious results just by asking women what they do for fun.

Exactly right.

Click here to see what I'm getting at, what will have the skeptics "reading it and weeping"...

Peace and piece,

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Volume 3, Issue 23
June 7, 2011

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