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If you are interested in online friend finding, dating, travel mates, activity partners, romance and soul mates, it can be downright scary, but don’t let hesitation cause you to lose out on this great opportunity and adventure.  That’s how we met twelve years ago. Today’s Main Article, by guest contributor Bobbi Palmer, takes a lot of the angst out of using online technology to find just the right match.

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And while we’re talking online dating, Restless Boomers has launched its very own RestlessBoomersMatch website to assist Boomers in finding their perfect match. See today’s Check This Out! for details. Today’s Quick Tip is a simple recommendation to help reduce the anxiety of online dating.

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 "Real magic in relationships means
an absence of judgment of others."

~Wayne Dyer


Online Dating -
How to Get Started and Make it Work
By: Bobbi Palmer 



As if dating and mating wasn't hard enough, technology has added a variety of new challenges to the art of hooking up. Not only do you have to master the computer crud, you have to figure out how to actually connect with another human being amidst the volume and the anonymity.

Being a successful online dater is much more than knowing what to click on a website. It's about choosing the right site among thousands, mastering the variety of search tools, understanding the difference between winks and nudges, knowing the tips and tricks to get you noticed and keep you safe, spotting the fakes and scammers, and so much more.

In the days before online dating, as a single looking to date, your choices were limited to people in your immediate circle or those of your friends. The internet has made your choices seem virtually limitless. That abundance is the good and bad news.

Being able to choose among so many means you have a better chance of meeting someone you like. On the flip side, the feeling of having a plethora of choices tends to lead to all kinds of bad behavior. The old "there's a better one just around the corner" mentality is now "there's 5 better ones waiting in my inbox." This can result in some rather quick and harsh judgment. After all, if that one doesn't seem just right for you, there are thousands more to pick from! Or so it seems. Read more . . .

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Yes, Restless Boomers has its very own Boomer match website where travel mates, activity partners, friends, romance and soul mates await.

And it’s free to sign up and check it out. There’s nothing to lose. What are you waiting for?

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Quick Tip

In today’s environment, a pre-arranged first meeting with someone can be exciting but also unsettling. As you embark on the adventure of finding a match online, you’ll want to take some important steps before meeting them.

Once the preliminaries are attended to and you decide to meet in person, it just makes good sense to meet in an open, public place. And this goes for men as well as women.

Enjoy this exciting adventure and be sure to have fun!


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