[Limited Re-open] Commando Lead System, Watch This Now

May 4th, 2013 at 5:30 am EDT

If you were one of the dozens of folks that emailed me

yesterday about the Commando Leads System shutting down,

you're in luck...



Thursday I shot you a one hour warning that the Commando

Lead System with my buddy out of Seattle... was shutting

down and David shut the page down early. (he said it would

be up all day Thursday... his web guy pulled it down early...)

I'm not sure quite what happened, but it doesn't really

matter anymore. I called him and after forwarding a few

dozen or more Support Tickets, he agreed to re-open and put

the video back up for me today.

***This is only going to be available for a short time***



Again, I can personally 100% vouch for this program

to generate motivated seller leads... or honestly any

type of lead you want for any business. He just happens

to teach how to do it for seller and buyer leads.

My own brother who works for me is going through

the training so he can help our members at Investor

Carrot (our lead gen site business) get better rankings.

Good stuff.

The Commando Leads System is a totally killer approach to

getting leads for your real estate investing business using

the internet...

... without all that hocus pocus. Just straight forward

stuff that 95% of the world is too lazy to implement...

so those of us not too lazy get the benefit.

You'll love this video and he said he'd keep it up through

the weekend the he'll have to close it again so he can

manage the members and not take on more than he can


- Trevor

P.S. - Again, if you don't have a site or don't like your

current one... no worries. David uses the sites my

company sets up for him anyway... so hit "reply" and

I can help you out too.




2. Reply to this email and let me know you're interested in

getting a website.. the same ones David has his clients

use (that my company sets up for him).

Trevor Mauch

Editor at TheREIbrain


"Real Estate Investing for Real Life!"

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