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September 9th, 2010 at 2:00 am EDT

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Issue No. 365 - $1.00

Thursday, September 9, 2010

In This Issue:

  • Free Eviction Explanation Letter for Landlords
  • Are Housing Relief Programs Helping or Hurting Homeowners?
  • Should You Rely On Free Software to Run Your Business?


Free Download: Eviction Notice Letter

By Trevor Mauch

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone when all of a sudden they just stare blankly at you, wondering what in the heck you're talking about?
That can very easily happen when you're a landlord and renting your property to tenants. Just because YOU know and understand the business lingo doesn't mean THEY understand it!
This week's free download is an Eviction Notice Letter, which very simply explains what the eviction process is and why they should avoid it. A notice like this can serve as a final warning before starting eviction proceedings and it can also be helpful if your tenants are from another country and don't fully understand the language.

Check out the form here <<

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Housing Relief Programs: Are They Helping or Hurting the Housing Market?

By Trevor Mauch
I'm sure you'll agree that I'm ready for the real estate market to rebound!
Next month the federal government is initiating two more programs geared to help homeowners stay out of foreclosure.
I certainly don't want to see people displaced because they lost their jobs and can't afford their mortgage payment. However, are these programs really helping the homeowner or the banks? 
What are your thoughts? Has the government done enough to help? Are we trying to do too much? Leave us your comments by following this link below.

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Is Free Software the Best Choice For Running Your Business?

by Trevor Mauch

Starting a new business can be expensive. Even if you're setting up shop in your home office, you'll still have expenses.
Although it's smart to watch your money and not to spend more than you have in the bank, some people skimp by using free software instead of making investments in paid software.

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