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July 2017

Coyote Valley Landscape Linkage Report
Conservation for a Resilient Future
Nestled between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Diablo Range, Coyote Valley is the vital connection between these two mountain ranges, allowing wildlife to migrate, find mates, and adapt to climate change. Recent scientific studies have documented animal movement in the Coyote Valley, who depend on the valley as a corridor to move between mountain ranges, in order to maintain genetic diversity and overall ecological health.

Water resources also play an important role in Coyote Valley, as storm waters spread into open spaces, reducing the peak flows in Coyote Creek downstream. These waters also replenish groundwater into a basin that supplies more than half of Santa Clara Valley’s drinking water.
In order to establish a clear vision of a functional land connection for wildlife and protected water resources, the Open Space Authority assembled a team of scientists, hydrologists, and conservation planners to design a landscape linkage for Coyote Valley. The linkage report identifies the necessary essential elements for protecting and restoring a broad and resilient landscape linkage; one that can sustain biodiversity and facilitate wildlife movement in the face of a changing climate.

To learn more about the Coyote Valley Landscape Linkage, visit our website and download a copy of the report or brochure. Read about the report in the San Jose Mercury News or watch General Manager, Andrea Mackenzie’s interview with KPIX 5.

Set Your DVRs for Openroad with Doug McConnell on July 9th
We discuss the exciting new Measure Q Urban Open Space Grant Program projects being led by partners throughout the region. Mark your calendars and set your DVRs to record the July 9th episode of NBC Bay Area’s Openroad with Doug McConnell at 6:30pm. Catch a sneak preview below on the various projects the program funded this past year.
Children’s Discovery Museum’s Bill’s Backyard: Bridge to Nature
Guadalupe River Park Conservancy’s Environmental Education Programs
Friends of Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County's Community Education Center at Martial Cottle Park

Senator Jim Beall's 2017 Creek Cleanup
Join Senator Beall for the 2017 Los Gatos Creek cleanup event. This event is free and everyone is welcome. Join your neighbors, enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise, and give back to the environment.

Saturday, August 19
Campbell Park
8:45 – 11 a.m.
Register here.
Who Am I?
I have a bright orangish-red chest and black-and-white markings elsewhere. I'm found in California year-round, but I have relatives throughout the Eastern United States. I was raised in a nest built of sticks, bark, and vegetation high in a tree. My parents are likely to return to the same nesting territory each year.
Kelley Park Moonlight Walk
Explore Coyote Creek and our natural world at night, meet an animal or two, listen to campfire stories and enjoy S’Mores! Feel free to also stick around after the program for the San Jose Giants Fireworks Show.

Friday, July 7, 2017
7:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Kelley Park Amphitheatre
Register here for more information!
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Who Am I? Answer
I’m a red-shouldered hawk, Buteo lineatus, not to be confused with a red-tailed hawk, which has a white tummy and is larger. Although my Eastern cousins prefer forests, hawks in California have adapted to open expanses and oak woodlands. If you keep your eyes peeled, I may be found over any of the preserves, or even perched on a pole near your home. Although, it may be easier to hear me than see me. My call is squeaky, short, and descending. My favorite foods include frogs, lizards, and occasionlly small birds. I also have a combative relationship with crows - we chase each other and steal food.
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Coyote Valley - Derek Neumann
Bobcat -  Gary Chock
Urban Open Space Videos - Jordan Plotsky
Creek - Senator Beall's Office
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Campfire - ccRahul Rekapalli
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