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We’ve collected some of our best stories, resources and results from 2017 to celebrate the end of an amazing year. Thank you for working with us to meet our mission to drive change to improve children’s health. Enjoy the stories and resources, as well as a special gift for you; just click on the snowman! 
The Baby Box: An Opportunity,
Not a Magic Bullet

Are baby boxes the key to safe sleep or a hazard to infant health? The answer is likely somewhere in between. NICHQ’s Associate Director of Applied Research and Evaluation, Sabrina Selk, shares insights on the innovative product and the importance of evidenced-based care in order to reduce infant mortality rates in the U.S.
How to Avoid Analysis Paralysis
and Underplanning in PDSAs

While there’s no single part of Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles that’s more important than the others, planning is the foundation of the work. After all, the P comes first. Read on to make sure you start your PDSA cycle on the right track.

New Early Childhood Screening
Strategies; Learn, Steal Shamelessly

An issue brief from NICHQ and the Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP) provides insight into developmental screening activities across the country and offers connections to states highlighted for their work.
The Photo of My Baby
That Almost Killed Us

“I wasn’t ready for the photo I got. My son was sleeping in a crib with a loose fitted sheet and he was on his side with his cheek and mouth buried in the sheet.” NICHQ’s Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy, Cindy Hutter, shares why safe sleep practices can save a child’s life.
Resources to Support Your Improvement Work
Interested in finding out more about the Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Demonstration Program? Click here to attend our webinar: Strategies and Next Steps for Improving Sickle Cell Disease
Project Results

Thank you for continuing to work with us to improve children's health outcomes. Check out the results of a few of our projects completed this year: 
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