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Pediatrics Journal Features NICHQ
Breastfeeding Project Results
The article, "Best Fed Beginnings: A Nationwide Quality Improvement Initiative to Increase Breastfeeding," features insights and analysis on the NICHQ-led Best Fed Beginning initiative’s major achievements, including driving 80 percent of participating hospitals to achieve “Baby-Friendly” status.
Strategies for Identifying the Right Parent Partners for Your Initiative
It’s nearly impossible to change a system without involving those that the system affects. Read about how to identity the right parent partners for improvement work.
Weighing in On the Baby Box:
An Opportunity, Not A Magic Bullet
The circumstances around the success of baby boxes in Finland are much different than in U.S. today, says NICHQ’s Sabrina Selk. Baby boxes are raising concerns from public health and quality improvement experts, like NICHQ, about wide adoption without evidence of their value in reducing infant mortality rates in the U.S.
Don't Fall for These Common
PDSA Pitfalls
Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles are literally learning processes. Every cycle is a test of a change idea to learn if the change will bring about improvement. After nearly 20 years of guiding teams in constructing PDSA cycles we’ve identified three common pitfalls. Here’s how to avoid them.
New Event: Expert Series on
Addressing Infant Mortality

Join NICHQ and partners for an Expert Series on Addressing Infant Mortality. The six-part webinar series is an opportunity for public health professionals to hear experts and influencers in the maternal and child health field share examples and best practices for supporting efforts to reduce infant mortality and improve maternal and infant health.
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