Subject: Reversing an Obesity Epidemic

Let's Change the Trend in Childhood Obesity 
In the United States, one in five school-aged children are obese, a number that has more than tripled since the 1970s. Troubling disparities exist, with Black and Hispanic children experiencing higher rates of obesity

The physical effects alone are alarming, with obesity increasing children's risk for heart disease, asthma and diabetes. And when you consider how often it results in bullying, social isolation and depression, the prevalence of childhood obesity becomes even more concerning. 
Over the past two decades, NICHQ has worked on more than a dozen childhood obesity projects. These efforts led to quality resources that can help communities, hospitals and states improve childhood obesity rates. Today, we’re sharing four to help ensure you have the tools you need to change children’s health outcomes. 

Be Our Voice: Obesity Prevention Advocacy Training
To reach all children, we need all healthcare professionals to become advocates for change in their communities. This training program will help you advocate for obesity prevention policy change, practice your new skills in a simulated community, participate in a virtual Q&A system with videos from trained advocates and create a personal Advocacy Plan to direct your advocacy work.

Building Healthier Communities
Interested in hearing real-life stories from healthcare professionals advocating for change? Here, you’ll read about a community group that got their children outside and exercising, and find out how state teams successfully passed legislation that combats childhood obesity. Whether you’re looking to make changes at a state or community level, this resource offers inspiration and ideas. 

Collaborative Action Now to Defeat Obesity (CAN DO) Playbook 
Making changes starts in your own community. This interactive tool helps primary care, public health and community leaders work together at a local level to defeat obesity. Use the playbook to uncover a complete roadmap for healthy weight success, including a workbook, strategy map and healthy weight templates. 

Guide for Healthcare Professionals to Partner with Community Based Organizations
Improving obesity relies on taking ideas outside the practice and into your communities. Start by partnering with local and state organizations involved in community based education and advocacy. Working with multiple stakeholders, especially those involved at the community-level, can help you maximize efforts and reach more children. Check out the guide and get started. 

Interested in finding more ways to reduce childhood obesity? You can find all of our obesity resources here.
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