Subject: New Free E-Course on Advanced QI Techniques

Quality Improvement 102

Learn how to use QI techniques to create a culture of change
Quality improvement (QI) methodology empowers stakeholders in healthcare and public health systems to make positive change.

In NICHQ’s second QI course, Quality Improvement 102, we’ve developed a clear and effective guide for using the PDSA cycle to create systems-level change.

Take the free course and discover:
  • The common obstacles users face when implementing PDSA cycles
  • Examples of best practices 
  • Lessons on testing strategies at every phase of the cycle
  • A framework for moving from one cycle to another 
We invite you to explore the 30-minute course. With its completion, you’ll have gained insight into how to test ideas to increase their impact and effectiveness.

Interested but new to QI? Check out our first QI course, Quality Improvement 101, to build a foundation for implementing change.
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