Subject: CEO Shares Why Children's Health Needs a Two-Gen Approach

NICHQ CEO Scott D. Berns Shares Why Children's Health Needs A Two-Generation Approach
From infancy, children rely on their parents to learn about and cultivate the habits and skills that will ensure their health. Yet parents’ abilities to provide this care can be inhibited by many factors, from personal health to environmental circumstances such as their job, community or economic status. And when a parent struggles due to any of these factors, children’s health may suffer.

A two-generation approach can help stop this from happening. Rather than isolate child care from parent care, it addresses the needs of the family holistically. With this approach, we come closer to achieving health equity. 

In this interview, NICHQ CEO Scott D. Berns, MD, MPH, FAAP, explains why we need a two-generation approach to improve children's health, offering insight into two-generation strategies that will drive systems-level change. When we do this, we can help all children achieve their optimal health. 

And while you’re reading, check out the video below where one of our project directors shares her thoughts on putting this approach in action during her work in early childhood.
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