Subject: Be Your Best NICHQ Brand Ambassador

You are receiving this email as part of a bi-weekly internal email campaign that will include tips and tactics on representing NICHQ and supporting our brand. Save the emails for future reference and be an awesome NICHQ brand ambassador.
Social Media Brand Advocacy

You’re doing a great job of elevating the awareness of NICHQ and its positive affect on improving child health outcomes. Remember, our most valuable assets are YOU – NICHQ’s brand ambassadors. That’s why we hope you will feel empowered to follow us, like our content and support the NICHQ brand on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with your own shareable social media content. Read on to find out why it’s so important. 
The Speed of Information

We need your help to ensure our voice rises above that noise and reaches the ears of our target audiences. Many voices – your informed voices – sharing aligned messages will help us reach the best people and elevate NICHQ’s profile.

The volume of data that moves through social media channels and other popular sites online is staggering. It’s a crowded, noisy conversation. For some context, this color-wheel figure shows us how much traffic passes through each of these channels in a single minute.
You Are Doing It - 
Just Add a Tag

Many of you naturally are sharing content with your followers that is mission-aligned with NICHQ. Every time you do, just add the tag @NICHQ or #NICHQ so we are aware and can help elevate the content across NICHQ followers. 

Not sure what to post? Here are some examples of the kind content that will enable us to take the NICHQ brand to the next level:
  • News stories about population health, disparities in child and maternal health,
  • Content with infographics, photos or video regarding our current health topics, like asthma, early childhood health and others,
  • Sharing our weekly Insights blog or
  • Your own content or an article about children’s health. 
Posts are most meaningful, and draw the most views, when you can add a comment about why you are sharing.

We Love Fresh, Creative Ideas 
That Matter to 
NICHQ's Brand

Social media content does not have to be viral to meet goals. It needs to be interesting to the people you’re trying to influence or simply reach. 

NICHQ’s own Avery DesRosiers and Sherra Lawrence coordinated with the Marketing and Digital Strategy team to raise awareness of #BlackMaternalHealthWeek and Black Mama’s Matter Alliance through NICHQ’s twitter account. 

A screen-capture of Avery's Tweet response exemplifies solid brand ambassadorship. Here's why:
  • content highlights an issue important to NICHQ’s mission, 
  • tags our social media and 
  • offers a valuable resource from
Let Us Guide You

The Marketing and Digital Strategy team is happy to help NICHQ colleagues shed some warm social media light on their projects. We can also help frame issues and conference appearances that are relevant to the kind of substantive change we’re all working to affect. Come stop by our cube and see how we can help.

-Your Marketing and Digital Strategy team
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