Subject: Be Your Best NICHQ Brand Ambassador

You are receiving this email as part of a bi-weekly internal email campaign that will include tips and tactics on representing NICHQ and supporting our brand. Save the emails for future reference and be an awesome NICHQ brand ambassador.
What's New With the Website? is our platform for sharing what we do and why we do it. It helps us connect current and prospective clients with our portfolio, our people and our strategies for success. Ultimately, our website lets people know who we are as an organization and helps them decide if they want to get to know us better. 

We're often adding and updating website pages to make sure we deliver relevant and interesting information to our visitors. We disseminate these updates through our digital channels (e.g., social and e-marketing) but we are always looking for other ways to engage followers. That's where you come in! 

Please consider sharing relevant website pages with your network. These new pages include resources, stories and lessons-learned that can help engage your project teams and help your friends and family better understand your work. 

To make sharing easier, we've provided an overview of some recent updates to the site :) Keep reading and consider what you might want to share. 
Early Childhood Page 

This new page brings together our expertise and experience in the early childhood space. Along with showcasing our six current initiatives, the page positions NICHQ as a catalyst for aligning early childhood initiatives and transforming early childhood systems. 
Do you work on an early childhood project? Consider sharing this new page out through social media or as an email. 

Sample language for sharing: We're working to mobilize families, organizations and communities to transform #earlychildhood systems. Find out more about @NICHQ's work and consider how you can get involved. 
The News is New! 

Remember those emails we've shared announcing new projects, new staff and new board members? These are all perfect examples of NICHQ newsworthy content: announcements about our work and our people that reflect our mission. You can find all of these announcements on our new website News page. Keep an eye on it for future updates and consider how you might share them with your network. 

Sample language for sharing a news story: @NICHQ just announced an exciting new project to improve infant mortality rates. Find out more here and help us support #healthybabies. 
New People, New Insights and a Case Study, Oh My

People: We celebrated new hires at our recent quarterly staff meeting. Want to find out why their passionate about supporting children's health? Check out their profile on our website team page; then, consider connecting with them on LinkedIn. *Hint for newbies, the NICHQ team page can also be helpful as you learn your colleagues' names and faces! 

Insights: You all did awesome on our brand quiz. But a common hiccup was knowing how often we publish our blog posts. Answer: it's every week! Check back in every Wednesday to see what's new and what you can share (safe sleep and breastfeeding support, early childhood trauma resources and more). 

Case Study: The hospitals in the two cohorts in our BQIH initiative improved their aggregate exclusive breastfeeding rates by more than 10 percent. Find out more about their results here, and consider sharing with your network. 

Sample language for sharing the case study: @NICHQ recently completed a seven-year project that transformed the way hospitals provide care to #breastfeeding mothers. Find out more here: 
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