Subject: Be Your Best NICHQ Brand Ambassador

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Stop Picturing Everyone in Their Underwear

You have likely heard the tip of “picture everyone in their underwear” to overcome presentation anxiety. It might work for some, but for those who prefer to keep their overactive imagination in check, we have a better three-step process to boost your presentation confidence and performance.
Step 1. Prepare

When starting to pull a presentation together, the first thing to think about is your audience. Ask yourself, how familiar is the audience with your message content? What are their needs? Think about the purpose of the presentation. Is it to relay practical information? To inspire people? To provide concepts and theories? Answering these questions will help you frame your content for an engaging presentation.
Step 2. Design

The goal of every presentation is to engage an audience. To do so, design your presentation with a logical flow, a clear message and easy to understand takeaways. PowerPoint isn’t always necessary, but if you do use it, keep in mind:
  • Text on slides should peak interest or amplify key points. Your audience should be listening, not reading. What you say goes in your notes, not on the slides.
  • Use color, charts and high-quality images to help tell a story.
  • Avoid jail! It's not OK to use images straight from Google. Use the NICHQ photo gallery (N:\MarComm\Stock Photography) or let the Marketing team know if you need a specific type of image and we can purchase it. Avoid clip-art at all costs!
  • Check for NICHQ brand alignment (e.g., proper use of logos, AP style, branding language.)
Step 3: Deliver

The best presenters keep it simple and keep it friendly. To keep it simple, focus on a core message and use stories to reinforce the message. To keep it friendly, make eye contact and smile. This sounds easy to do, and it can be, if you practice, practice, practice. Practice lets you refine your speaking points, your story and how well you connect with your audience.
Let Us Help You
The Marketing and Digital Strategy team is always available to help you be the best presenter you can be. We are happy to conduct dry runs with you and provide feedback on flow, content, slide design and delivery. Please reach out to Cindy with specific requests.

We’ll be sharing a new organizational policy around review of externally presented materials (e.g., conference presentations) later this month. The policy aims to allow for sufficient time for planning and review of materials to ensure that NICHQ staff are always putting their best brand ambassador foot forward. Stay tuned for more details.
-Your Marketing and Digital Strategy Team
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