Subject: Be Your Best NICHQ Brand Ambassador

You are receiving this email as part of a bi-weekly internal email campaign that will include tips and tactics on representing NICHQ and supporting our brand. Save the emails for future reference and be an awesome NICHQ brand ambassador.
What Can You Do After An Email Campaign?

Every week, NICHQ sends out an email campaign to our mailing list subscribers. Our monthly campaign schedule includes: 
  • homepage theme of the month highlight (first Wednesday of every month)
  • A newsletter with stories and tools (third Tuesday of every month)
  • Event and tool promotions 
  • Announcement emails about new projects and leadership 
  • Executive insights 
These campaigns help us connect with our network by informing them about our work, ideas and goals. Making these connections is important but our emails can have a greater impact if you get involved. With your help, we can reach an even broader audience and ensure that more people hear about the awesome work we're doing. 

In the future, when you receive one of these emails, please consider: 
Forwarding the Email

Think about your personal and professional networks. Would the email resonate with one of your past colleagues or classmates? Would someone you know benefit from a tool or article in the email? Forward the email to your contacts and let them know what made you think of them! 

Sharing On Social

Each email links to specific content, such as new insights (like Scott's video from the other week) and tools (such as QI 102). If you find one interesting, share the link with your social networks. Insights are especially easy to share because there are social icons right on the page (see image right). Just click on an icon to share.

Nervous about what to say? Try just tweaking the headline. For example, "Here's what 2018 means for children's health for @nichq" 

(when you tag us by typing in @nichq and selecting us, we can help boost your post!)   
Sharing It With Your Teams

Specific insights and tools can also be great ways to keep your teams engaged. Considering content for your next newsletter or looking for resources to share on CoLab? Peruse past emails to find what's relevant for your team. Kudos to those who are already doing this!

Consider these weekly emails an easy way to stay informed about the latest NICHQ content! Then, use that content to make your work-life easier.   
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